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Ridin’ The Storm Out

On October 29th, 2012, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

We’re stuck in the Northeast – just outside Boston to be exact.  Tropical Storm Sandy is bearing down on this whole section of the world.  Our flight has been cancelled until, best case, Tuesday a.m.  Rain is pelting the windows of the hotel, the wind is starting to kick up, the governor of the Commonwealth is on TV scaring the bejeezes out of everybody, and my wife and I have that look on our faces like we’re stuck in the principal’s office just waiting for our parents to show up and beat our butts.

Our greatest fear, under the duress of waiting for Sandy, is that we will lose power, the TV will go off, and we’ll have to spend countless hours talking with one another.  There is no fear of flooding.  We’re sufficiently up high – 12th floor to be exact.  Loss of electricity will be our problem; that and getting an airplane to Boston to get us out of here.  See you Tuesday or Wednesday is our guess.

We went to the grocery store for staples just in case there are power outages that cause the cooking functions of the hotel to fail us.  The governor told everybody to stay home on Monday, so that pretty much renders all of the take-out, delivery joints useless.  Plus, the chances of phone lines hitting the pavement are real – again, limiting access to the emergency staples of Chinese food and pizza delivery.

The grocery store was packed.  Everyone was busy stocking up on what will allow them to make it to the middle of the week without interrupting their lifestyles.  The array of things defined as staples was interesting.  I’m talking about our cart.  Really!

The governor mentioned “stocking up on non-perishables.”  Bingo.  I got the mother of all non-perishables: Twinkies.  These bad boys have no chance of perishing by Wednesday of this week, next week, three weeks from now, three decades from now.  I grabbed some Diet Coke, a bag of Lays, ice cream, Hershey chocolate drops and some little blueberry pies that were 88 cents.  Why not?  My wife grabbed granola bars, bottled water, some peanut butter crackers and some lo-cal, already popped popcorn.

I’ve got to tell you, I felt a little pressure.  Under the circumstances, I was nervous.  I found myself staring at the olive bar.  At one time, I had a can of Chef Boyardee “Cheezy Macaroni” firmly in my grasp.  I thought about cigarettes and a bottle of wine for a split second.  I don’t smoke or drink, but what if things got a little dicey?

My bride was calm, cool and collected.  She was sensible and sober in her thoughts.  As I stared at the box of Yodels (chocolate rolls stuffed with white cream), she reminded me that something a little more substantial with a little less sugar might be a better choice.  I thought, “Yeah, but not near as much fun.”

We will survive Sandy; our diet over the next few days, maybe not.  Seriously, wouldn’t a cigarette taste good after a meal of Twinkies and Yodels chased by a Diet Coke?

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