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Send the Philanthropists Our Way…Please.

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A thought leader in the world of philanthropy made a great observation. In a world where funders put forth their hard-earned money to assist less fortunate people with the issues of our time, a new idea has surfaced: Don’t just give to be giving. Give to create an environment where support and sustainability have a far-reaching effect. 

I read her comments with great interest. If the tectonic plates of philanthropy are shifting in order to ensure appreciable gains are made in helping a community, then SLCCU and Prosperity Connection™ should be at the top of everyone’s list. She promotes thought that speaks to solutions on a comprehensive scale, not just on a “catch as catch can” basis. This is the kind of determination that will make our region better in the future. I think you’ll agree, now, more than ever, our metropolitan area needs a “help me up.”

SLCCU, Prosperity Connection and RedDough® are a perfect fit for funders who subscribe to a strategic approach to philanthropy. We are both a “place” and a “community,” as evidenced by our collaboration(s) with countless social service partners throughout St. Louis. And most importantly, we provide the generosity of philanthropists with outcomes that tell them an entire community’s problems are being mitigated through a widely comprehensive view of people’s circumstances. We are the doers. What we need are the funders.

Think about what we do. The benefits to our community are great when we effectively provide financial education coupled with a cost-effective, non-profit approach to alternative financial services. We would create household wealth that creates economic stimulus within our most distressed communities. Add to the Prosperity Connection/RedDough formula the St. Louis Community Credit Union’s mainstream financial services and products, and you have a comprehensive approach to solving the economic injustices that exist in our region. Ubiquitous financial education is nothing without access to capital and helpful products/services that meet people where they are. Again, we are the doers. Send the philanthropists our way…please.

Prosperity Connection (financial education and life skills) and RedDough Money Centers (non-profit payday lending alternatives) joining forces with St. Louis Community Credit Union will do exactly what is prescribed by the aforementioned thought leader in her talking points. As she said very eloquently in her article, “As funders we should help improve the societal infrastructure that supports and sustains us all.”

Yes, I agree. Program funders must support projects that make business sense, but they must also help improve the quality of life for the people who live in those communities.

That’s what we do. We have those answers.

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