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Settle Down and Smell the Roses

On September 22nd, 2014, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

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Life goes on.  Yes, it does, and I know that firsthand.

I’ll bet you there are people who contemplate what the world will look like after they are gone. Well, let me tell you — it looks like it did before you left. Trust me on this one. I’ve had both perspectives — the before and after.

A little over a year ago, I moved out of this earthly place for a very short time, was revived by one of God’s many angels, and showed back up. The world was still crazy.  The absolute most climactic thing that can happen to a person happened to me — death. While my world had been rocked, those among the living kept on doing what they always did. Heck, on the way home from the hospital, we had to stop to fill up the car with gas, complained about gas prices and then moved on. If your tank is empty, it doesn’t matter what just happened — you’ve got to fill-er-up. Yes, life goes on.

My point is simple. Yes, life goes on. The mundane and trite, ups and downs, good and bad, caring and clashing — it all happens. After the incident, even I had to get up out of the bed and start moving around the next morning. No time to lie resting. “Hey, wait a second,” I said. “I bit the big one 12 hours ago.” “Yep, stuff happens, Mister. Now get up and move around. My shift ends shortly, and I’ve got three more beds to hit before I’m out of here.” Yep, life goes on.

It’s what you do with the “life that goes on” that really matters. Life goes on, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Enjoy it to the fullest. Try skipping when you’re feeling blue — it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you skip. When the drive-thru line couldn’t be slower and the exhaust from the hooptie in front of you is making its way into your space, smile, because after all, this is what “life goes on” means. Nevertheless, it is life, and it is with those we love, and that’s a good place to be. Settle down and smell the roses. You’re alive and doing fine.

Look, I was a goner. Thank God I am here. He allowed my life to go on, and I promise you that I’m enjoying every second of it. I laugh a little louder, smile a little more often, love a little deeper, and dance and sing to the car radio like I’m on Broadway.

So, here’s a thought. Take it from a guy whose “life goes on” wasn’t going on for a brief amount of time: make it special. Whatever that means to you — make it special. I still get fussy (every once in a while), and my response is always the same: Really! Is it worth getting crazy over?  The answer is always the same: NO WAY!

Yes, life goes on…and I’m LOVING IT!!!!!

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