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Shouldn’t The Rules Apply To Everyone?

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Alec Baldwin is not bigger than the system.  Yes, we have some inane rules when we fly, but they are rules nevertheless.  We have rules in all walks of life.  Some silly and nonsensical, but it is what it is.  We observe them because in a civil society it is what you do – you act civil.

Mr. Baldwin might think fame and stardom dismiss him from the rules of the game, but they don’t.  Apparently, the Lindsay Lohan “I’m better than you” LA diva routine has made its way across the country to Rockefeller Plaza.  Male divas are the worst.

First thought that came to mind was why a dude making that much change was on a commercial flight?  Second thought, as I watched the news clip, was “patches on the elbow?”  Really?  A sports coat with patches on the elbow – when was that the look?

Then I moved to a more meaningful question.  How many other people were on the flight?  All delayed, because some elitist in first class didn’t want to stop playing “Words With Friends” with his online posse.  Really?  Here’s a word: #$*@*&%! 

When I fly, it is for the sole purpose of getting to the landing strip at the other end SAFE & ON TIME.  I have chosen the appropriate flight time, because that will get me there in order to make my obligation(s) on the other end – ON TIME.  I’ve been delayed for medical emergencies; no ice; an overhead bin not closing properly; a front door that won’t close; arriving passengers from another flight; a cracked engine; a cracked wing; and my personal favorite “inoperable lavatories.”  But, never because a guy can’t control his “wordsmithing” urges.

It could be argued that Mr. Baldwin’s disregard for the remaining passengers is a microcosm of what’s wrong with society as a whole.  Such little regard for our fellow man has resulted in a culture so pre-occupied with “WIFM” (what’s in it for me), that the degradation of respect for our fellow man is at an epidemic level.  Mr. Baldwin made it abundantly clear that it was about him and him alone.  That’s disgusting.  His ego matters most.

And then, Baldwin’s initial and best attempt at contrition was to call the flight attendant names?  Really?  And then the arrogance displayed on Saturday Night Live.  Really?

Mr. Baldwin, you could never be a spokesperson for St. Louis Community Credit Union.  We help people and don’t come anywhere close to calling people names, for any reason.  Our members come first, not us.  We care and work to make other people’s lives better.  It’s biblical and is rooted in our values for serving our fellow man.

My guess is that after your most recent heartless display, “Words With Friends” is wishing you’d play something else.  Really, your actions were disgraceful.  REALLY!!!

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