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I’m a big fan of eloquence as it relates to the use of our language. I pay acute attention to both the spoken and written word. I appreciate grammatical perfection, as well as outstanding sentence syntax. I can’t help but smile at the attention paid to the exemplary construction of a well-penned letter. And nobody’s happier than me to witness the beauty of a flowing prose when mastered by a great orator.

Eloquence is a beautiful thing when properly executed, however professorial diatribe can come off as pompous. A fine line exists between eloquence and professorial. The former lures you into the discussion while the latter pushes you away because of its “na-na-na-na-na-nah—I know bigger words than you do” type elitism.

I was recently bludgeoned upside the head with professorial arrogance that left me lost as to what was being said. I longed for simple eloquence. The speaker crossed way over the line when in lieu of using the word “man,” he referred to “homo sapien.” Who does that? Nobody says “homo sapien” to describe a human being. “Man” would be better—don’t you think? All I could think was, simple it up dude or you’re going to lose me. He didn’t move off of his pompous position and I spent the remainder of his presentation drawing the appropriate comparison between his droning on and a root canal. The root canal won.

The credit union’s marketing department always attempts to be simple and eloquent when describing the confusing world of finance. Simple and eloquent is much better than professorial. We make mortgage loans is one example of getting to the point. Car loans are available every single day is another example. We have no credit crisis is succinct and understandable. Pay fewer fees…get low loan rates…earn more on your savings are about as good as marketing gets. Succinct, forthright and eloquent is evident in our marketing. Good job man—good job.

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