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SLCCU Determined To Be The Best

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Destiny is the result of determination.  Very few times in my life has destiny not been nudged forward by a resolute determination to achieve a particular goal.  My theology is such that I believe God guides my steps, but I feel obligated to provide those divine powers something to work with.  As a result, hard work is a major contributor to the end goal.  Hard work, for me, is synonymous with determination.

We sincerely believe that St. Louis Community Credit Union is destined to be the premier choice of financial institutions in our market.  But, without a focused determination, we will fall short of reaching our goal of being known as the absolute best.

Determination, i.e. hard work, is an enterprise-wide initiative at SLCCU.  No area is considered unimportant.  Everything we do means something to you and to our success.  Imagine a thousand-piece puzzle.  Each piece is of value.  Without the very last one being fit into the picture, the effort remains incomplete.  The biggest difference between the puzzle and the Credit Union is that our pieces are not finite.  Take 43,000 members multiplied by a myriad of different needs and you can sense the scope of responsibility we assume as your financial institution. Everything is important to you.

We are determined to create economic justice. Too often, a lack of facilities in our low/moderate income communities dictates that payday lenders and check cashers (the fringe element) step in to dominate and diminish the wealth of communities that can least afford such predatory practices.  We are determined to place facilities in those areas left barren by the banking exodus that has taken place over generations.

Within those facilities comes the need for products and services that meet the needs of the people in the community.  We are determined to create financial capability. To offer a checking account with a minimum balance doesn’t help people living paycheck to paycheck – our minimum balance is $0.  To require a $1,000 minimum to open a higher-yielding certificate of deposit is a mismatch to people of little means – our CD minimum is $300.  Affordable small dollar loans and a variety of free services and minimal fees speak to the needs of a community looking for cash flow(s) and wealth building.  That’s what we do.

We are determined to achieve a higher level of financial literacy more than ever before.  We will push every day with outstanding programs to help consumers better manage their finances.  Folks must know where the pitfalls are in budgeting and managing credit, and we must show them how to avoid them.

Determination leads to destiny.  SLCCU is not holding back on the hard work needed to help our members achieve their destiny.  When our members’ lives are better, then we’ll be just a little closer to our destiny of being the best.  But first, our members must enjoy success – and that comes from determination.

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