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SLCCU Gets My Vote for ‘Marketer of the Year’

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Advertising Age is a trade publication for those who work in the world of advertising and marketing.  It’s a typical trade pub in that if you don’t work in the specific industry cited, you would have no business nor interest in the material contained therein.  But I like to read everything.  So I’m perusing the pages and stumble across a great article with the following heading: “Who Will Be Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year?”  I’m a huge fan of the “best of the best,” so I proceeded to read with great interest as to who had a shot at such a prestigious title.

Five big companies find themselves in the running.  The winner will come from one of the following:  Amazon, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Lego or Walmart.  One of these behemoths will be invited to the dais to bask in the glory of being recognized by their peers as the “cat’s pajamas.”  (Cat’s pajamas is another way of saying “all that and a bag of chips” – which really means “you da man.”)  What I’m trying to say is…get out the big #1 foam finger cause somebody’s going to walk away with the title of “winner.”

Check this out.  Amazon is being considered as Marketer of the Year for the manner in which they have focused on developing supreme customer service. Their marketing is emphasizing how nice a job they’re doing in service.  Okay, SLCCU can relate.  We do that, too. 

Hyundai is getting recognition for what is described as “bold assurances.”  Reading a little deeper in the article, they are getting recognized for “confronting the recession head on.”  SLCCU is good with that, as well. If you mean Hyundai is not “piling on” the consumer by charging more during tough times, then they’re a contender (along with SLCCU).  Our rates and fees are some of the best in the region.

McDonald’s is getting “big ups” for creating new products that bring value to the consumer.  That is straight out of SLCCU’s playbook.  In conjunction with the start of the recession, our management team proceeded to get busy with new products and services that help our members.  The count (to date) is eight new products – with many more to come.

Lego is getting recognized for always listening to their customers.  Okay…us too.  And Walmart, well they’re being seen as the “recessionary resource.”  That means they are holding (even cutting) prices at a time when consumers need it the most.  Good for Walmart.  We practice the same compassion for our members. 

These five big companies are all recognized for doing one thing great.  This small (by comparison) Credit Union is doing all five of those things…1) supreme service; 2) working with our members and not “piling on;” 3) creating new products; 4) listening to members’ needs and wants; and 5) holding and cutting prices.

I’m casting a write-in vote for St. Louis Community Credit Union. Seriously, we’re the “cat’s pajamas” times five.

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