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SLCCU Had Much In Common With ‘The Boss’

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As you probably know, George Steinbrenner died recently.  I respected and admired George Steinbrenner, aka “The Boss.”  I liked his style.  He was a little quirky, but passionate and focused.  He was about winning.  He once said something along the lines of “next to breathing, winning is the most important thing in my life.”  While probably a slight exaggeration, isn’t that the attitude you want from your favorite sports team’s owner?

My guess is that anybody who loathed the Yankees probably started at the top of the org chart with Mr. Steinbrenner and worked their way down.  Why hate them?  Because they did and continue to do what you wished your owner and favorite team would do: invest heavily in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to bring home a championship!  If you’re averse to investment and hard work, then your favorite team is the LA Clippers.

It could be said that “capitalism on steroids” was on full display in the “Big Apple.”  No doubt Mr. Steinbrenner used the multitude of resources available to him to give back to the most important stakeholder: the fan.  In that sense, he was a magnificent CEO – return on investment is through the roof.  If the Yankees were a for-profit, stock-owned company, you would buy in hook, line and sinker; fastball, slider and change-up.   Some say, “Yeah, but he had the largest market with which to do his magic.”  Yeah, but he still had to pull a rabbit out of his hat.  Be great with the resources you have available.  In his case, there were many.

In my mind, George Steinbrenner epitomized what we do at St. Louis Community Credit Union.  We use what resources we have available to us to win for our members.  We invest only to create value for the benefit of our members.  If it’s not good for the members and our staff, then we don’t do it.  We do all we can to make sure that our fans (members) are assured that we will field the very best in products, services, delivery systems and top-notch staff each and every day.  Year over year improvement as it relates to “member value” is all that matters.  No, we’re not blessed with the resources that were at George’s beck and call, but that’s no excuse for being less than you can be.  Shame on you, Pittsburgh Pirates!

People love to be associated with winners.  The Yankees are the benchmark for winning.  Unfortunately, winners are also made out to be the villain. The “hated” Dallas Cowboys come to mind, so do the LA Lakers and the Detroit Red Wings.  Who’s a better focus for your affection – the Chicago Cubs?  Come on, people!  Winning is a lot better than losing – all the time.  Use SLCCU to its full capacity to see what winning is all about.  We’re a great credit union.

The Cubs can’t possibly love their fans or they wouldn’t keep losing.  They would return more to their fans.  They would figure out how to better leverage their resources and begin a winning tradition.  The same holds true for many in the banking industry.  They would give more back; not to their stockholders, but to their customers who keep them in business.  (Yes, I just drew an analogy by and between the lowly Cubs and banks.  Oh yes I did.)  George never forgot the fans because he was one.  We never forget our Credit Union members because we too are members.

The memory of George Steinbrenner will live on in the hearts and minds of millions of Yankee fans.  He was a winner whose allegiance was to his fans.  His compass pointed due north as it related to the Yankees’ reason to exist: to please the faithful fans through winning championships.

We’ll continue to subscribe to George’s model.  There aren’t many better owners or businessmen.

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