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SLCCU has Multiple ‘Dimensions’ for your Convenience

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For me, the biggest difference between how we came to love the movies in the good old days (last week) and the new 3-D phenomenon is a bout of nausea.  I can’t do it.  I’m old fashioned in my consumption of film: 2-D is just fine with me.

Adding a “dimension” is in line with the world in which we live.  I remember when the most popular “application” for the phone was to call someone.  Heck, I remember when we didn’t say “application.”  A mobile phone when I grew up was a wall phone with a really long cord!

“Dimensions” must be added to satisfy the need to exhilarate the senses of a generation that takes the term multi-media to extreme.  It is not unusual to find our young brethren texting, talking, tweeting, TV watching and tapped into an I-pod with an earpiece stuck in one ear (Sometimes while driving. OUCH!!! Don’t do that, please.)

St. Louis Community Credit Union has multiple “dimensions” for your convenience.  You can use us in-person at our branches; via phone; on the Internet; direct deposit and in a drive-thru.  You can e-mail us; “snail mail” us; and chat on-line with us.  You can use us at car dealers and thousands of credit union-owned ATMs.  You can use us in shared branches throughout the country.  Here’s the kicker…THEY’RE ALL FREE!!!  The newly introduced extra “dimension” in your favorite movie house costs you more.

When SLCCU brings you a new “dimension,” you use it.  When we bring you new capacity, you have never let us down.  Thanks for your support of all that we do.  Because you love us and will use us, we keep bringing you more and more and more.  We’re sort of like your favorite Aunt at that special Sunday dinner.  She keeps filling your plate and you keep eating ‘cause you don’t want to hurt her feelings.  Thanks for loving us as much as your favorite Auntie.

There are some new “dimensions” right around the corner.  Skip-A-Pay for loans is up next – sort of our way of providing you with “economic stimulus.”  We want to be your friend, so Facebook is coming soon; so is Twitter.  They will be a couple more “dimensions” in which to use SLCCU.  Speaking of friends…refer one who gets a car loan and we’ll give you both $50.  How ‘bout this: new mortgage loan products are on the horizon that will include loans for first-time homeowners!

We’re not done.  We’re never done.  Always looking; always seeking new and better “dimensions” with which to serve you and your family.  In a world gone mad for the latest and greatest in the multi-dimensional teasing of our senses, isn’t it nice to know that your financial institution isn’t old fashioned?

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the feature presentation: “St. Louis Community Credit Union Makes My Life The Best.” Brought to you in “multi-dimensional” splendor.  3-D is so 90s!

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