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SLCCU Plays it Safe During Bad Weather

On February 7th, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

In last week’s blog, I spoke about the “collective us.”  As I said then, and it is worth repeating (actually, it is worth shouting from the mountain tops), I love the Credit Union staff.  They deeply believe in what is good and true.  I mentioned that the “collective us” stands up for what we believe to be right, and we defend it every day with our actions and passion. I described them as heroic in that they are changing and improving our community.  Heroic, however, does not describe our desire to risk our lives driving to and from work.

Given that haughty description of some great people, it would only stand to reason that I, along with the key decision-makers of SLCCU, would do nothing to intentionally put these awesome individuals and/or their families in harm’s way by requiring them to come to work on this past Tuesday.  That was a primary motivator to pulling the plug on opening our offices on the icy, wintry blizzard conditions of February 1st.  Equally important to our decision was YOU and your fellow members.  We did not want to be the reason for you to venture out.  See, our problem was two-fold if we had opened:  (1) getting our staff and you to the office; and (2) getting all of you home.  In either instance, we don’t make a habit of gambling with lives in such inclement weather.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said to keep our “fannies” at home.  Mayor Slay, County Executive Dooley, the local fire departments, the local police, MODOT, IDOT, along with every school superintendent, head master, and administrator, confirmed this very same thought.  “Stay home” was the message, and we listened.  Hey, the Blues cancelled their game, and even Governor Nixon chimed in by announcing a State of Emergency and deployed the Missouri National Guard to assist.  That was good enough for us, so indeed we parked our collective fannies on the couch.  We hope you did too.

Nevertheless, some Credit Union members busted my chops for making such a decision.  I’m sorry.  Yeah, the buck stops with me.  It was ultimately my call.  The “collective us” never discounts our responsibility to our members.  You are why we exist.  And for that reason, I thought it important to maintain the best possible scenario for everyone’s safety.   Again, I’m sorry if we created an inconvenience for you.  I hope you forgive me and continue to be a member.  We love you every day – even those of the worst weather conditions.

Practically speaking, direct deposit is a great service (free of charge) to eliminate having to get to an office to make a deposit.  A checking account gives you a debit card that allows for ATM cash withdrawals; cash back at the cash register with a purchase; and checks to take the place of money orders (much less expensive too).  Online banking is full of features, free of charge, keeps you up to the second on your current balance, and allows you to transfer money as well.  If you’ve messed up a checking account in the past, we have “second-chance” checking, too.  Check it out.

Unless you want to see the “collective us,” there is no reason to ever have to come to the Credit Union in person.  We’re flattered that you like to come see us.  We like seeing you as well – just not on dangerous weather days.  We hope you forgive us!

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  • I see no problem with closing due to the weather. Mr. Adams did what any CEO would do and closed Feb peotect the members and employees of SLCCU and allow the snow removing team to do it's job and clear the lots and walks around all the SLCCU. Not many companies would do that. Sam's closed at 2pm Schnucks and Diebergs closed early. SO I say thanks for caring !!!!!!!!
    Bill Lieberman

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