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SLCCU Wins When Members Win

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One of the character traits I like most about the “collective us” (i.e. the SLCCU staff) is our conscious culture.  We are active thinkers about what we’re doing and, maybe more importantly, why we’re doing it.  Our collective character traits include focused, consistent, deliberate and acute awareness of why we exist – all of which are readily visible in all that we do, as well as seen on the faces and heard in the voices of our outstanding staff.  The “collective us” are some of the finest people I know.

At the top of our list of things to do as we ready ourselves for the day is the fact that we are conscious of our higher purpose.  You will never hear the “collective us” discuss maximizing profits.  We exist only to “increase our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyle.”  A by-product of this higher purpose is that we don’t judge, we help.

Another great trait of the “collective us” is our conscious understanding that somebody does not have to lose for us to win – that loser (too many times) is the consumer.  Unfortunately, that’s the basic formula for maximizing profits and is pervasive in the banking industry, but not at St. Louis Community Credit Union.  In the spirit of being a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution, we believe all stakeholders can win: members, staff, business partners and the community.

Found deep in the human psyche is this idea that there must be winners and losers.  In a week where the Super Bowl will move from the media tent to the field, sports confirms for us that there is one winner and a whole bunch of losers.  When the cherry pie hit the middle of the table to be shared by you and your ravenous siblings, he who got the biggest piece insured that somebody lost out.  After all, the size of the pie was finite.

The “collective us” at SLCCU consciously believe that the pie can actually expand and that everyone can get a bigger piece.  Let’s call the pie “prosperity.”  We’re running a conscious business and believe that economic justice is achieved only when we make sure that everybody’s piece gets bigger.

Servant leadership identifies that our own flourishing is dependent on the flourishing of our members.  The SLCCU leadership is only successful when we are conscious of, and convicted to, our higher purpose.  Ensuring that our servant hood transcends all levels of the corporate org chart creates a conscious culture, and thus the “collective us” have a moral compass that points due north.

I love the credit union staff.  They deeply believe in what is good and true.  They are heroic in that they are changing and improving our community.  They stand up for what we believe to be right and defend it every day with their actions and passion.  In a world pre-occupied with maximizing profits, winners and losers, and the less than equitable distribution of wealth, isn’t it good to know that SLCCU doesn’t subscribe?

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