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Slippery Slope for Sure

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The noted pharmacy, CVS, which doubles as a “Quick Mart” and sells such things as toys, pot holders, and Chef Boyardee MiniRavioli has determined that tobacco (read cigarettes) will no longer be sold in their establishments. That’s good news for all of the world that advocates against tobacco products. It has been proven countless times as a cause for cancer. Advocates are rightfully pleased. The persecuted smoker’s world again has gotten just a little bit smaller. Oh well, I’m on the side of the advocates.

For CVS, it may be a slippery slope. Yes, the ill effects of cigarettes are well documented, but so are a host of other products gracing the shelves in the refrigerated units of your favorite CVS. Is their intent, in the name of good health, to pull these products from their offerings as well? I doubt it.

I recently heard a doctor speak to the greatest addiction in American society, and as a result, the single largest threat to our collective good health. He did not mention alcohol, marijuana, stronger drugs (nor prescription) as his concern. Gambling wasn’t a major concern, nor did cigarettes make his hit list. Nope, his biggest concern for society was the transcendent use of sugar. “Epidemic proportions” is how he described our addiction. American society’s number one killer in the future doesn’t require a lighter.

I’m guessing if CVS is as health conscious as they profess to be, another news release will be forthcoming pronouncing the impending removal of all of the processed foods and sugar filled drinks inside their stores. By my own non-scientific, recent calculation, removal of these types of products will reduce the square footage of my local CVS by about one-third.

Heck, eliminating the candy section alone frees up enough space to create a nice-sized fresh fruit & veggie stand. Maybe that’s the move. And, if my recollection serves me well, the candy section balloons to about three times its normal size around Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget Halloween, it’s a candy palooza inside CVS.

Look, I’m not being snarky, but the message being sent by CVS officials with regard to their candy sales, especially at this year’s Halloween is: “We, at CVS, have taken a stand against tobacco, but giving candy away to children, in an effort to further promote the problems caused by child obesity and diabetes is fine by us. We have great deals available and look for coupons in your local newspaper.” Really?

Hey, I’m not piling on CVS, I’m just asking, where is the line drawn? Why hasn’t CVS addressed the prescription drug addiction problems by closing down the pharmacy? Should the snack aisle be eliminated? The word disingenuous comes to mind.

They got the PR boost they were shooting for. The name CVS was everywhere by making their announcement. Now they better hope that all the smokers who bought products from CVS didn’t also fill their baskets with the other products that the aisles display. Otherwise, the revenue will slip and then the stockholders will go nuts.

What about the protestors against child obesity demonstrating on the door steps? The signs might read: “You took out the cigs, now kick out the candy.” It’s a slippery slope for sure.

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