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Some Random Thoughts From This Past Week…

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Hmmmmmm #1…Remember, “critical thought” is required to manage your financial affairs to an optimum level of success.  Start with defining priority as it relates to your spending of money.  Know the difference between 1) what you want; 2) what you need and 3) what is an absolute necessity.  Then make your decisions accordingly.  By the way, put “saving for a rainy day” somewhere between “what you need and an absolute necessity.”

Hmmmmmm #2…“Murphy’s Law” Who is this dude?  And what’s with his law that “things will go wrong at the least opportune time”?  Murphy and his immutable law sneaks into the Credit Union on occasion.  From time to time, you may visit an ATM or an office only to find our system is down.  When our data processing system is not properly functioning, it usually means you’re not going to get what you want from us.  That pains us like you can’t imagine. We know you get fussy and, quite frankly, we agree.  Murphy doesn’t show up very often, but he’s a pain in the fanny when he does.  We ask for your forgiveness and promise to do better.

Hmmmmmm #3…Wall Street and Main Street could not be farther apart, yet the pending financial reform legislation’s desire to reel in the abuses of Wall Street will make its way into Main Street-type institutions like (oh, let’s just say) St. Louis Community Credit Union.  That could adversely affect you.  There is no way the restrictions on Wall Street should affect you in any way other than positive.  Unfortunately, the idiosyncrasies of the proposed legislation may trickle down and hurt your favorite credit union.  Go ahead, support Wall Street reform if you so desire, but tell your legislators to “leave credit unions alone.  They weren’t part of the problem, and they shouldn’t be rolled up into the solution.”

Hmmmmmm #4…Yes, Census Bureau information is important.  By being counted, your community will benefit.  It’s a very cooperative exercise.  If we all get counted, we all will benefit from the results.  This very same cooperative spirit is what makes SLCCU such a great financial institution in our community.  The folks in the community use us for all of their financial needs and, as a result, we give more back to everyone and the community benefits.  Pretty cool, huh?

Hmmmmmm #5…Tax season ended on Thursday.  Here’s hoping that if you received money back from the government, you still have some.  Go back and review Hmmmmmm #1.

So, in review…be a good thinker and may Murphy’s Law miss you throughout the course of your life.  Tell the folks in DC to do with Wall St. what they may, but to leave your favorite credit union alone.  Stand up and be counted for the sake of your community.  And save some of that tax refund!  You never know when you may need it to fend off ol’ man Murphy.

Here’s hoping the remaining months of 2010 are the best you’ve ever had!

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