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Sometimes Imperfection Is Beautiful

On August 31st, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

In some things, I run behind the curve. I’m really busy, and on occasion I get squeezed by a short attention span. The combination can lead to a “duh” moment now and then. Did you know we have an Arch in St. Louis? (Just kidding.) I’m a big proponent of the biblical principle “in God’s time,” so I rest assured that my occasional lapse of what’s an “Entertainment Tonight” type of current event is no big deal.

I say that to say…“How about that Susan Boyle from that British reality show? Can she sing or what?” I’m a recent visitor counted in the 28,993,986 people who have clicked on to check out this extremely talented person. You might say, “Dude, that’s so yesterday.” Well then, you need to re-read the first paragraph.

As I watch the YouTube video, this is what I’m thinking…I love her! She’s not beautiful. She’s eccentric, eclectic and enigmatic. She’s quirky, imperfect, socially clumsy and frumpy. She’s overweight, outdated, and did more for the abolishment of superficial stereotypes in a few minutes than anyone has done in recent history. The preconceptions held by most as she took the stage, followed by her subsequent triumph of the human spirit, represent all that is wrong and all that is right with this world, wrapped up in a five-minute-and-50-second life lesson.

There are at least a half-dozen or so teaching moments that come from watching this masterpiece. However, “don’t judge lest ye be judged” seems to jump to the front of one’s conscious thought. We are a world rife with imperfection, yet we cast stones at others’ differences. I’m reminded that when we point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at one self.

St. Louis Community Credit Union helps lots of people who have their fair share of imperfection every day. The Credit Union doesn’t judge; we help. We create products that are quirky to the main street banker. When people have a lot of money, they have lots of options. What we do provides value to the least of them. We remain interested in helping the disenfranchised. Ours is a compass that faces due north…help people to increase their standard of living and better their lifestyle. In that sense, we have a perfect pitch just like Ms. Boyle.

Thank you, Susan Boyle. I am better off for watching the video of you (five more times). With each viewing, I get chicken skin and well-up. I’m reminded that we can’t all look the part. St. Louis Community Credit Union is not your typical bank. Thank God.

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