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Sometimes Simple is Better

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If you’re in business, there are worse companies to emulate than Southwest Airlines.  They are very successful in an industry that is rife with failure.  Unfortunately, airlines fold like lawn chairs.  Yet, Southwest has continued to post profits in every quarter of their existence.  They bring together good management, good operations, good marketing, good pricing, good service and good staff.

There’s no silver bullet in their methodology – just great execution in the key tenets that make a business successful.  They’re relatively simple-minded, and as a result, they are extremely smart.  Yes, it’s true…simple is sometimes a better choice.  While all the other airlines attempt to be “all things to all people,” Southwest has a niche.  Short routes, same aircraft type, no fancy food, fun attitude, and a staff that has an ownership stake.  No “them versus us” attitude that has served to destroy more than one airline and countless businesses over the years.

St. Louis Community Credit Union sort of mirrors the Southwest business model.  We’re simple and smart.  We don’t compete where we don’t bring value.  Our offices represent function over form – no fancy 767s here.  Our people have great attitudes.  They’re fun and are completely bought in to serving our members with the highest level of courtesy and respect.  Much like Southwest Airlines, we know who pays our salary.  As a result, we are doing all we can all day long to increase our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyle.

In many regards, our country’s dominant airline is one that started out small…focused on service…built a product that met the needs of the average guy…looked for opportunities to help people in places that few others expressed interest…charges reasonable fares…and provides service far and away above those of the others.

Sound familiar?  Sounds like St. Louis Community Credit Union.  Sounds like a formula for success.  They say “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”  Don’t mind if we do.       

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