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Special Pictures Are the Best

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woman with cameraIsn’t life a bunch of pictures? Think about it. Because we don’t have 360-degree peripheral vision, our mind snaps a picture at any given point in time. The phone, which now is the source of all of our selfies and snapped pictures, has established boundaries. So do the pictures — they’re framed. Memories also have the boundaries of time. The picture fades over the years, and new pictures take shape. 

I got off the plane to begin the trek from Gate 4 to something like Gate 430. Walking up the jetway, I balanced my briefcase and my luggage, taking a quick glance at my shoelaces to ensure they were ready to support the pace. I wasn’t in a hurry, and that was a blessing. I settled on a pace fast enough to keep my place in the line of travelers moving, but not so fast that I would miss the journey. That turned out to be the best possible scenario for what was to occur up around the bend.

As I glanced to and fro to ensure I’d avoid any contact with other passengers anxiously moving about, something caught my eye on the other side of the terminal. It was a grandpa moment for sure. I slowed and stepped out of the people flow, focusing the camera in my mind. There, across the terminal, was a beautiful little blond-headed boy who needed some love from his “poppy.” He had his little arms wrapped around the lucky grandpa’s neck. His little body and legs were stretched across his grandpa’s inviting lap.

Grandpa was loving back. He was rocking the little boy with his arms wrapped tightly around him. Grandpa’s eyes were closed and there was a smile that seemed to touch both ears. My mind was snapping pictures at record pace. The moment was all of maybe eight seconds long, but it was the best time of my day. I had the picture perfectly framed and was drinking in the tender moment when the frame of the picture extended just a wee bit to my right.

As if possible, the picture got better — so much better that it went from a short-term “isn’t that a nice moment” memory to one of those great pictures of all time. There was a child’s wheelchair off to the side. That beautiful boy needed to love his grandpa, and it wasn’t as easy as just jumping in his arms. It took some work, which made it even that much better.

Special pictures are the best. I soaked in the moment, snapped the mental picture and thought about all of the blessings in my life. It’s weeks later, and I just looked at the picture again — thought I’d share such a beautiful moment and memory.

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