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St. Louis Community Is A “Paradigm Shifter”

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The word “paradigm” becomes a point of discussion when trends begin changing. In the financial services world, unfortunately, changing trends is a very slow process. But then someone or something usually gets credit for changing the standard way of doing things, and thus is known as a “paradigm shifter.” St. Louis Community Credit Union is just that.

A specific behavior pattern best describes “paradigm,” and the financial services industry is full of predictable behavior. The actions of most financial institutions are the same: do whatever it takes to earn big profits. This profit-driven business model is the most entrenched form of “paradigm.” The approach is simple and timeless: profit, profit, profit…the more, the better.

Since profit is the underlying (and sometimes grossly obvious) motivation, don’t look for most financial institutions to buck the trend anytime soon. “How much money can we make for the stockholders?” becomes the mantra. Unfortunately, this mentality comes at the expense of hard-working, middle-income families.

Then, we appear. St. Louis Community Credit Union is a “paradigm shifter.” We don’t follow everybody’s trends…we create our own. Seriously! Check out our fees compared to others. Lay them side by side. Do the same exercise with rates. Continue with a comparison on minimum balance requirements. You’ll see for yourself…we are a “paradigm shifter,” and you’re a part of it. Sort of makes you feel good, huh?

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