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St. Louis Community Is YOUR Champion

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“March Madness” is in full swing. This is reference to the national college basketball tournament and its “Road to the Final Four,” followed by the crowning of a national champion. The average Joe’s allegiance to their favorite team reaches a heightened state. Local pubs are jammed with the hard core b-ball fans proudly displaying their alma mater’s team colors. Starting today, everyone begins completing their brackets heading down a path to who is the best. Anticipation is in the air. The pace is frantic.

Of course, the championship game is played in April. OOPS! “March Madness” gets the press, but April is when the bling is awarded? Seems like a slight to April, but it’s used to it. April seems to always get “dissed.” It’s known for April Fools Day and April Showers. But May, (oh that media darling May) gets the flowers. April must be screaming for a little love. And to not be recognized for their key part in “March Madness” is just one more example of things that don’t make sense.

Sometimes St. Louis Community Credit Union feels a little like April. It just doesn’t make sense that we don’t get the love we deserve. Everybody’s talking about a credit crisis – not us. Need a loan? Please apply! Our CD rates need some respect as well – they’re some of the best you’ll find anywhere. Fees? We’re really low. Our service ratings are way, way up there. And yes, we are safe, sound and trusted. That’s a good thing during these trying times.

It’s worth a reminder that St. Louis Community Credit Union may not get all the press. We’re not in line for any recognition and rewards. A lot of competition doesn’t recognize us on their radar of concerns. But we keep on pluggin’. Much like April, we’re pretty important and our members are very appreciative. When you fill out your bracket, pick SLCCU…we’re YOUR champion!

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