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St. Louis, Please Take A Deep Breath

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I couldn’t find a single person this past week who complained about how hot it was in August. There were no discussions of global warming, no discussions of humidity and not a word was heard on the topic of heat index. Those who contemplated moving from St. Louis because of the heat are now kicking around the idea of heading south because of the cold. We St. Louis folk, if nothing else, are fickle.

Yes, we are a roller coaster ride of emotion for sure. It’s human nature. I’m not a psychologist, sociologist, or anthropologist. The closest I get to understanding the human psyche is that I’m a people person. That doesn’t count for much when arguing what goes on in the recesses of the gray matter that each of us sport inside our rock-hard craniums.

I’m fickle too. I’m a big fan of Cadillac cars. No car is better – until snow is packed on the roads making them slicker than a catfish’s belly. The Caddy is a rear-wheel drive car. That’s French for “carnival ride.” It’s just a wee bit disconcerting when you can see the back of your car out of your peripheral vision trying to pass you on your right.

To compound the problem of fish-tailing on your way to your destination, the windshield washer pump decided to call it quits. Apparently, the warranty on windshield wiper fluid pumps is perfectly timed with the worst weather problem(s) in two decades. Add to my angst that the car was serviced with a 27-point maintenance check on the day before the record low temperatures found their way into the Lou. All told, I’ve had it with Caddies.

See what happens. People go from zero to crazy in a New York second. Years of loyalty accumulated for decades can be tossed out the window by a singular moment in time. Fickle? You betcha. We start talking crazy and lose our minds. Who leaves our great city under such an unusual occurrence? Cold like this happens every twenty years – settle down. Wait a couple of months and it’ll be hotter than a smear of red pepper jelly on your favorite bagel. And the whole rant on my giving up on the Cadillac brand will come to pass as soon as the washer fluid hits the windshield. I just need to settle down.

Everybody take it easy. We closed this past Monday because we didn’t want our staff to be put in a dangerous situation. The temperature was so bitterly cold that the onset of frostbite to exposed skin was less than fifteen minutes. Our staff have kids that need daycare… they were all closed. Cars parked on the street were pinned against the curb by snow, ice and snow plow residue. The city, county, and state offices were closed – so were we. We care about our staff and our members – staying inside and not venturing out into minus 35 wind chill seemed smart.

Don’t be fickle. The credit union has been great for years for our members and the community. Take a deep breath and look at it from the perspective of caring for people first and foremost. Haters need to “chill.” (Note the appropriate weather reference).

Be safe. Summer will be here shortly and then we can complain about the heat.

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