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State Of The Credit Union Address

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It gives me great pleasure to talk about St. Louis Community Credit Union. Among the 130-plus employees that I have the distinct privilege of working with on a daily basis, it is evidenced that our collective passion to serve and the compassion we extend our members makes our daily rigors a most rewarding experience. Truly, we have experienced the transformation from a vocation to an avocation.

Throughout our Annual Report we talk about a host of numbers, ratios and data that again reflect our stellar performance. That is no easy task given that the macro-economy continues to struggle to find a tail wind. Given that 80 percent of our members are of a low/moderate income population, their struggles mirror that of the overall economy and, as a result, their struggles become ours.

Our commitment to serving our members has not been compromised by an overall sluggish economy. We continue to provide access to capital through a variety of lending products that helps to increase our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyles. Loan growth fell just short of 4% during 2012.

We continue to prop up our members by holding down fees and providing excellent access to affordable financial services. The latest branch (our eleventh) is located in the Kingdom House in South St. Louis, and again targets a community that is devoid of financial services access. Like our Grace Hill and Met Center deployments, this type of partnership has brought access filled with hope to the folks who reside in the area.

Consumers seek value in all of their purchases. Financial services are no different. The Credit Union’s value has once again been affirmed by 12.1% new member growth during 2012. Our value is further accentuated by both new and existing members’ increased delivery channel usage. Enterprise wide, our ATMs, debit card, branch, home banking, mobile banking, phone activity and direct deposit are just some of the examples of growth in member activity.

Proudly, our service ratings remained at extremely high levels during the year. Increased members, voluminous activity and expanded delivery channels tested our ability to remain focused on creating a positive member experience. Without reservation, it is with pleasure that we are able to say that our staff obviously lived up to their commitment to outstanding member service.

Numbers and activity levels are the by-product of what goes on at St. Louis Community Credit Union. What we really do is provide hope, build wealth and increase peace-of-mind among thousands of families in our community. We help people realize dreams. We provide options to those who thought their options had disappeared.

Truly, strong numbers are necessary, but being unwavering in our purpose-driven mission to serve is what makes 2012 a great year.

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