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Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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Are there better commercials on TV than the Dos Equis beer commercials?  This is a rhetorical question, of course.  You know the answer is “no.”  They are hilarious, especially if you’re a guy.  No question, the brewer’s target market is young males who drink beer and love machismo.  Being a young male (in my mind) who loves an occasional “cold one” while wearing a muscle shirt, there are no commercials more entertaining.The commercial is the end of a journey that begins with an idea, superior writing and clever production.  Voila, out pops 30 seconds to a minute of blissful entertainment.  Behind every great production is great writing.  And that is what this blog is all about.

Commercial genius is born of the writing, not the acting – so are great sitcoms.  Actors are the guys out front.  They execute on the written word that is toiled over for days, weeks, even months in some instances.  The world’s most famous show about nothing, Seinfeld, had some of the greatest writers of all time.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to write something that translates to nothing yet is really something to somebody?

Whoever is writing the Dos Equis commercials is pure genius.  The inferences that connect a 25-year-old audience with the idea that if you drink this beer, you, too will be in a class all to yourself are hilarious.  The protagonist in the commercial makes James Bond look like Barney Fife.  Sean Connery wished he could be as cool as the Dos Equis guy.  To call him a “man’s man” is to diminish his level of testosterone.

In the most recent commercial, the “Dos Equis Guy” is said to have “parallel parked a train.”  Further, the writers tell us that when this man gives his two cents, it is actually worth “$37 and some change.”  That is great stuff.  Of course, the action line for the audience hungry to be just half the man as our star occurs at the end of this cavalcade of manliness when our man of men  states that “ I don’t drink beer often, but when I do, it is Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends.”

So I did what every red-blooded American male who wants to stand tall with such a stud as the Dos Equis Guy does…I went and bought some.  After all, that is what the writers intended me to do.  We are prone to react to effective marketing.

Yes, I’m north of twice the age of the target market.  But I’m a man, and buying beer that not only tastes good but makes you cool, is what a man does.  (Tim the “Tool Time” guy just made his trademark barking sound.)

Good writing gets things done.  It moves people to action – even if that action is watching a sitcom or buying a six-pack of beer.

When one thinks of the clutter of advertising, it is imperative that the writers are the best.  Whether the big time of a prime time TV show, a newspaper ad, a radio spot, 30 seconds on the evening news, or a credit union newsletter, what comes out of that writer’s room is what makes or breaks the success of the company.

We have good writers.  Enjoy them and do what they intend: buy our stuff.

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