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Stop to Smell the Roses

On June 6th, 2016, posted in: Uncategorized by

fishing with grandpa“Start living — that’s the next thing on my list.”

How many times have you “had to mow the lawn”? Or “have to do the dishes?”  Really, is our top priority “to have to get the car washed”? Does the garage floor really have to be spotless? I’m going to enjoy this coming summer as much as possible with my grandkids, kids and wife. I’ve got a list, but it’s not what you think.

Unofficially, the summer has begun. With the arrival of the Memorial Day holiday, our summer starts. Officially, June 20 is the day that summer makes its way onto the calendar from a weather forecaster’s point of view. They tend to be wrong a lot, and waiting until the 20th is just one more example. I’m getting a head start on this summer.

No one never has said, “I wish I had mowed the lawn instead of enjoying my family.” The “honey-do” list needs to be reorganized to include what really matters — sipping lemonade on the front porch. Playing catch is on the list. Bike rides and naps with grandbabies are right there, too. Homemade ice cream is always an adventure worth taking.

I take walks regularly. Sadly, they’re at a breakneck pace for good heart health. I’m going to take a few slow ones this coming summer and literally stop to smell the roses.  Sitting in an Adirondack chair, I’m going to barbecue more often for no reason at all — and not chicken, but hot dogs and hamburgers that will go straight from the grill to the bun to the mouth. That’s what’s happening for me. Nothing fancy.

I’m going to do what those grandbabies want to do. I expect to spend more time coloring books, reading books, and booking a trip to Grant’s Farm. I’m going to kick more balls, play more catch, drop a fishing line in the water, and run behind little ones that are learning to ride their bikes. Right about now, pushing a kid on a backyard swing until my arm hurts sounds pretty good.

I’m leaving work on time and picking up frozen custard more often. I’ll be at the pool more often, catching kids that are jumping from the side time after time after time after time. Yes, I’ll probably even play a little Marco Polo.

Generally speaking, I’m going to spend much more time doing what truly matters. Mowing the lawn can wait. The garage floor being spotless is not a goal.

Go there. Finish that. Pick this up. Drop that off. Cross off the list, fall into bed, wake up and do it all over again. Go ahead if you want.

I’ll be playing with the kids.

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