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Success Is A Total Team Effort

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Have you ever met someone at your workplace whose ego is so big that it crowds out the space in their brain that should be earmarked for the greater good?  Someone whose addiction with oneself is so intense that the concept of TEAM is as distant as the east is from the west?


The net result is that their attitude and actions are very frustrating and counterproductive to the formulation of an amenable working environment.  Actually, it is very disruptive.  In short, they know it all, take all the credit, and step on people’s emotions and psyche on their way to their personal goal of self-adulation.  They are self-serving, selfish and self-promoting.  They even tend to keep a scorecard of their personal accomplishments.  As a result, they become a cancer to the culture and the greater good is threatened.

Now if you don’t have an ego that is all-consuming, then you are nodding your head in an exaggerated “yes” motion to my comments.  You are introspective and will grow because of it.  You will run personal diagnostics and assess where you are and what can be improved.  As a result, you are a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition to the corporate culture.  “I” and “my” are the farthest things from your mind.

Those with an ego believe I’ve wasted their time reading some drivel that was for someone else.  Therein lies the problem…folks like that are almost impenetrable.  My dad used to call it “pouring water in a rock.”  Most companies know how to deal with these people.  They end up being diminished in their role and the overall business plan.  Again, they will not recognize this as their problem.  They will hold to their self-destructive mantra “that the company doesn’t know talent when they see it.”  Very sad, but it is happening in businesses everywhere.

We have a singular responsibility at St. Louis Community Credit Union that is never far from our conscious thought: Increase people’s standard of living and better their lifestyle.  As you can imagine, there are a thousand moving parts given our size, scope and breadth of offerings and activities.  And when we are collectively and unequivocally focused on this goal of paramount importance, we succeed.

We are nothing without each other.  Running a business is the ultimate team sport.  Without the full and complete cooperation of everyone involved, a business falls short of serving its constituents and its community – and that means failure.

What’s great about SLCCU is that good ideas, new concepts and little successes are literally celebrated every day.  And this is only possible because of the sum of our parts.

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