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Take A Peek Into Our World

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I’m a Seinfeld junkie. I know way too much useless trivia about the “show about nothing.” The more remote the trivial reference, the greater the likelihood I have of knowing the answer. It’s not an earth-shattering revelation that I necessarily pound my chest over, but it does make for good conversation from time to time. And the properly-timed Seinfeld reference can make a room full of strangers suddenly realize their hidden camaraderie. On more than one occasion, an awkward setting filled with idle conversation has become a “kicking” party because of a single Kramer reference.

Remember when Kramer and Newman decided to change the peepholes in their door in order to let people look in on their lives? The decision was some more “about nothing,” but it did give you further insight as to what was happening on the other side of the door.

St. Louis Community Credit Union peers through a “peephole” at our members, our community, the economy and other such things that allow us to do what is necessary to bring the people who use us the best possible combination of products, services and convenience. We are always looking at what’s going on. We are narrowly focusing on what is best for our members and their respective families. The results of continuing to understand the needs of our community have allowed us to create countless products, many new branches and mobile banking.

For a second, let’s pull a “Kramer” and reverse the peephole so that you can take a look in on us. What’s going on in our world? First, you will note that we are extremely transparent – it comes with being not-for-profit. Second, you’ll find great people who live and went to school in the very community in which we serve. They make up our friendly, caring workforce. That’s not by accident. Also, not by accident, when peering in on us you will witness clean, well-maintained offices. We work hard at presenting you and your family with the very best environment to do business. Generally speaking, we focus on an “attitude of excellence.” Ours is a never-ending fight against mediocrity.

Let’s take a little deeper look. It takes a lot of expense to run a credit union like ours. We serve a low-moderate income population. Literally, eight out of ten of our members are on the low-end of the earnings spectrum. As a result, when people have little money, they spend a great deal of time managing it. We’ve found that it takes a lot of people on our part. Our offices are very busy. Our phones are very busy. Our staff is hard-working and caring, but there are times that our members’ activity levels exceed our resources. The result is that our service suffers – not often, but on occasion. Thanks for being patient.

As you peer in on our world, you will see a caring, loving group of people all moving in the same direction. We love our members and our community!

Keep looking in on us. We have an obligation to serve you, and we have nothing to hide.

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