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Tell People How Much They Mean to You!

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It must be spring.  Baseball’s opening day is upon us.  The Final Four is now down to two.  Pastels are showing up in peoples’ wardrobes.  Car washes are packed.  I’m sneezing my brains out.  It is daylight to well after 7:00 p.m. Trees, bushes and flowers are blooming and the Bradford Pear trees (while beautiful in their white bloom) stink something awful.  ‘Tis springtime in St. Louis.  Alleluia!

Let’s make this spring the best one ever.  How?  Make somebody else’s spring a little more special with a kind, loving, caring message.  As we shake off the doldrums of winter and reconnect with a serious bout of spring fever, here is this year’s warm & fuzzy thought for the dawning of what I hope is a great spring/summer for you and the benefactor of your kind words.  Call it an Easter message of sorts.

Tell the people you love that you love them.  Tell the people in your life what they mean to you.  Enjoy every day to the fullest.  Appreciate the people that make deposits into your life.  Don’t get too bummed out by the little stuff.

I know you’re busy, but find some quiet time.  Do an inventory of those in your life, and then go tell them how much they mean to you.  Is that weird?  No way.  Is it a little awkward?  Yep – maybe for a minute or two.  But then the chains are loosened and you’re making someone feel great.

If conversation is weird, send a card, use e-mail, make a bumper sticker, hire a sky-writer, buy some air time on TV, rent a billboard, create a slogan on a t-shirt.  Do whatever it takes, but don’t wait another day.  When you share your feelings with the people you love, their self-esteem skyrockets, their feeling of satisfaction increases ten-fold.  Quite frankly, when they find out how much they are loved…their self-worth explodes.

God gives us the gift of each day.  We are of our own free will to use it to its max.  Use this day, and tomorrow, and the day after that, and each and every day to follow, to give of yourself.  Tell people how you feel.  If you love someone, don’t keep it a secret.  Remind them today.  If they make you laugh, tell them why.  Remind them of all the great times.

Happy Easter.  Happy springtime.  Happy days.

P.S.  St. Louis Community Credit Union loves you.

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