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Thank God for Experts!

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I appreciate expertise.  I especially admire people who can do the things I can’t.  Those people who have chosen a field that is foreign to me, and excel at that trade, have my utmost respect.  The sum of the working parts comes together to insure a thriving, successful community.

We have a lot of our members in the medical profession.  Thank God!  They spend years perfecting their trade.  They continue their education and professional development to become brilliant at what they do.  Their years of hard work, dedication and continual improvement mean everything to the rest of us – especially when we break down.  Doctors, nurses, personal care technicians, foodservice workers, the lady who pushes the wheelchair, the technicians that read charts, graphs, reports, pictures, and the folks who keep the places clean as a whistle.  Thank you!

We have a lot of our members in education.  Thank God!  They toil on a daily basis to ensure our young people get the education they need to be successful for generations to come.  Thanks for showing up every day to help produce tomorrow’s leaders.  I am a product of caring teachers, friendly janitors, and a lunch lady who snuck me extra peanut butter.  To this day, peanut butter (in any form – especially on a spoon) remains one of my all-time favorites.  Thank you!

We have a lot of our members in the service industry.  Thank God!  That can be a tough gig.  People can be downright rude, and to smile through it with a kind word and unruffled composure is a talent.  If you work with the general public (especially over the last few years when the “misery index” is at new highs), we appreciate you.  You’re one of the biggest sectors of the work force, minimally paid, yet insure that we get our goods and services every day.  Stay cool.  Don’t blow a gasket – even when we do.  Thank you!

And then we have our SLCCU staff. Thank God!  Certainly important to the success of the Credit Union and our 43,000 members are 100-plus employees who show up every day with one goal in mind: helping people.  We don’t judge.  In fact, our staff knows where you’ve been.  Everybody’s got a story.  I’ve got a story; so do you.  We listen.

We don’t sell – we solve.  We’re sensitive to our members’ situations and apply only the products that fit into your current or future needs – not what is best for the bottom line.  If you need a reloadable debit card versus a checking account, we get that.  If you need a small loan to re-build credit, we get that.  If you need overdraft protection or courtesy pay because the money runs out before the month does, we get that.

We need to “show some love” in this crazy world.  Give it up for anyone who is better at something than you are.  I don’t try to learn all that I don’t know.  I turn to those who are experts.  Thanks to medical professionals, educational professionals, service professionals, and to those great 100-plus people I get to work with every day.  You all make life a better place.  Thank you and Thank God!

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