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Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!

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What does great service mean to you? We would love to know. Please use the “Post Comment” section attached to this blog to voice your opinion. Yes, it matters to us.

A couple of my favorites include gratefulness and compassion. I am forever grateful for you choosing St. Louis Community Credit Union to be the place where you put your hard-earned money. The fact that you want us to be the trusted depository of your money is a great honor. We thank you with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Our expectation is that you hear “thank you” every time you do anything with the Credit Union. We hear from members that we’re not as good at this as we should be. We’ll get better. We know which side our bread is buttered. So believe me when I say…thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our entire being is rooted in compassion. St. Louis Community Credit Union is about “people helping people.” The nature of our existence is to do what we can to help you and your family. We do things for our members that other financial institutions do not do. Tell us your story and let us go to work for you. Don’t disqualify yourself.

The economy is tough on many folks these days. If problems occur in the management of your account, please talk with us. Don’t hide from the difficulties that may affect you.
Let’s work together to see if a resolution is possible. We are known for our deep reach into our members’ situations, and often times we emerge with a solution.

And remember…thanks for your business – even when times are tough.

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