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Thankfully, Most People Are Focused On Doing Good

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There’s no other way to put it than to say, “We have some great business partners that are doing great things in the community.” I’ll add to that, that there are some out there in the metropolitan area doing great things and we have yet to find each other to determine how we might best collaborate to do even more.

Look, people are by our very nature loving, giving creatures. The fire in our belly usually burns for doing what’s right by and for people. Yeah, there are mean people out there – please don’t write me and tell me as much. I choose to believe in the good of people. Too wide a brushstroke? I think not.

I get it. There is the occasional menace to society, but the overwhelming majority of our community is focused on the good and what they can do to add to it – the good, that is. The “Koman Walk” and “Sista Strut” are two shining examples of people making St. Louis better.

I will watch in awe in early August when a local church will repeat a program they call “Love The Neighborhood.” The effort is to bring love to our fellow residents who find themselves in need of a “help me up.” It has been in existence for years. Games, music and free dental exams are just part of the line-up leading up to the big crescendo: a free pair of back-to-school shoes and a backpack. No charge; no strings attached.

I know a lady who cooks meals for families who have just had a baby. Sadly, those meals are also delivered should there be a need due to the death of a loved one. Full meals like: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, a vegetable, bread & butter and some sort of desert. And the lady who’s doing this preparation, let me tell you – she can flat out cook. How many of these women are doing this every day throughout the metropolitan area? Many, is my guess.

There are people who pick up poop at the Humane Society. There are people who provide transportation. There are people who feed the hungry and rock sick babies. There are people who tutor children and clean houses. There are people who rescue dogs and cats. There are people who mow grass, build houses, or pack boxes to send to our soldiers around the world. And, yes there are people who are jerks. I choose to not focus on the jerks.

The people and organizations above all have one thing in common: they do it without any fanfare or recognition. Almost always, the good deed is born of agape love. Agape is a beautiful, unconditional type of love. The kind that will never be the lead story on the evening news.

If the evening news is your source for what’s going on in our city, then you will never know the agape love that exists inside the St. Louis area. I watched the news the other night by accident. It was on the TV and I forgot to change it. OMG! If it hadn’t been for the need to tell us about the weather incessantly, we’d still be listening to all that’s wrong in the area. The evening news has always been about “if it bleeds, it leads.” Well, we have plenty that bleeds.

When you think our city is all about bad news, road rage, disrespect, potholes and the like, take pause. Think of those who are giving every day. There are a lot more of them than you may think. God bless them all.

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