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Thanks For The Memories!

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Is there anything as beautiful as “the birds on the bat” in October?  The striking profiles of two cardinals perched on the Louisville Slugger emblazoned across the chest of those running about the diamond in the crisp autumn air is cause for goose bumps.  Yankee pinstripes have nothing on us.

Baseball in autumn causes friends to draw closer and families to unite.  A Stan the Man sighting connects generations of old men telling stories to young men of The Man’s once greatness on the diamond.  And young men pump out their chest by drawing parallels to “El Hombre” or to some kid playing third who may soon have a nickname of his own.

And the sights, sounds and smells of a ballpark still lit in the last week of October ignites an energy reserved for the final scenes of the last act of this year’s boys of summer.  Most teams have quietly exited the stage.  Only two remain; then one.

Office productivity throughout the past couple of weeks has reached new lows.  I would suppose that no one really cares.  In a world stricken with the anxiety of a floundering economy, our great city was dealt a reprieve of sorts.  We donned our red and took a respite from the seriousness of our times.  Cardinal Nation enjoyed a two-month, uninterrupted daydream complete with squirrels and a childlike revelry.  We are the lucky ones.

I love this great city.  We are winners.  We are again the champions of the world.  For a city once known for beer and too often referred to as that city with the “arch thing,” isn’t it better to be known for great baseball and the best fans in baseball?

I’ve been on this rock called Earth for five-plus decades.  In that time, I have witnessed five world championships and another three times falling just short.  My sons are on a good run, and my grandson is off to the best possible start.  Eight weeks after being born into Cardinal Nation, he’s got himself a winner.  He’ll find out in time that they don’t come every year, but they come often.  Enjoy them.  They are worth every dollar spent and every minute of lost sleep.

The stadium is quiet now.  No fireworks.  No more confetti.  Now is when Cardinal fans’ memories take over.  And when those memories fade, we’ll add the emotion of the moment to what really happened.  Embellished stories take over, and what was great at the time becomes even better.  The memory is always better than replay.

Thank you, Cardinals and thank you, St. Louis!  I’m proud to call you home.

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