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Thanks For The Memories

On June 29th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

The urban legend is that folks “die in threes.” Well, this past week transformed the legend into American lore. Johnny Carson’s sidekick Ed McMahon, followed by Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett, and then the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson had all passed away by week’s end. It was a week filled with reminiscing for those TV-crazed baby boomers as we remembered each, and how they (in some way or another) were tucked between the pages of our minds.

Without doing a lot of math, just know that these folks came to fame during my couch potato years. I remember each of them well. At the time, I can’t remember what I specifically thought, but each of them made their impression on me. Today, I can tell you how I feel about their passing…in a word, old.

Ed’s famous phrase, “Heeeere’s…Johnny,” and the perfectly timed guffaw after the amiable late night host’s latest one-liner, moved America’s favorite sidekick into icon status. He was masterful at his work, and helped us all to appreciate that success can come out of the shadows as much as the limelight.

We have great staff at St. Louis Community Credit Union that you’ll never see in the spotlight, yet they are the ones who make us as successful as we are. The folks in Information Technology keep the system(s) up and running. The folks in Facilities keep the offices in tip-top shape. And our Accounting personnel…these are just three of the many departments that come to mind. They are the Eds to our front-line Johnnys. Like Mr. McMahon, they’re good at what they do.

So, who was your favorite “Angel?” Mine too. I can’t remember why, but who cares. The show was weak, the plot predictable, the special effects rudimentary, the dialogue inane, but the casting – MAGNIFICENT!!! Folks, that’s (in part) what they refer to in the business world as branding. Farrah was a “brand” – and a highly successful one at that.

Branding is a fancy way of saying that the emotion one feels when they come in contact with a product, business, service, etc. is very important. Yes, the look and feel of our offices, our parking lots, our website, our home banking site, and the ever-important manner in which our staff conveys the value that the Credit Union provides (especially first impressions) are important.

I was enigmatic in my music selection as a kid. I loved it all. I might listen to Charlie Daniels, followed by Seals & Croft, and wrapped up with a Michael Jackson hit or two. He was a tremendous entertainer. As a part of the Jackson 5, I “rocked in the treetop all day long.” And “Thriller,” well, enough said. His creativity and innovation were masterful. Think about it…kids today are taught the moonwalk in hip-hop class as a traditional dance step. But I saw it the first time it was ever performed. Seriously…how cool is that?

He looked for the best way of doing something that no one else had done – same for the Credit Union. Nope, we don’t wear a single “glitter glove,” but we’ll do all we can to stand out in a crowd as exciting, creative, innovative and different. And…we’ll do whatever we can to make your experience the best it can be.

RIP to those who have passed. Thanks for the memories.

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