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The 1 Percent Fights Back

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What if the 1 percent fought back?  What if the target of the “Occupy Wall Street” group’s angst and disgust boycotted back?  How might they do that?  Why would they?  What would they do to fight back…stop their country club membership to ensure that groundskeepers and clubhouse attendants would suffer?  Well, kind of.  They could stop going to their favorite restaurant.

Who is Mario Batali?  A Formula One race car driver?  How about a member of Italy’s World Cup soccer team?  Maybe a fashion designer extraordinaire?  He must be the Italian leader whose economy is collapsing as we speak, right!  Nope.  He’s a chef – a world famous chef who has gotten rich off of Wall Street bankers who frequent his restaurants in New York and pay hundreds of dollars for meals, and hundreds more for wine.

Mario had a brain freeze and decided to call these guys who frequent his bistros the equivalent of Stalin and Hitler.  Well, they got pretty peeved, all 1 percent of them, and have decided to stop going to the myriad of restaurants that, in part, contribute to $140 million of annual sales to Mario and his business partner.  Many of the eateries they own are in and around the Wall St. district.  Booyah!!! Wall St. is fighting back.

(As a sidebar here…can we talk?  Don’t refer to someone as Hitler unless you’re ready for a fight.  It happens much too much (Hank Williams Jr. in most recent times) and now Chef Mario.  The intimation in using the comparison is the most negative of connotations and draws one of the absolute most horrific parallels in the history of the world.  Think someone else other than Hitler.  You can tear a hole in somebody’s character long before you pull out the “H” reference.  Enough already!)

Anyway, back to the funny story of how the 1 percent of Wall Street is getting even with the 1 percent of restaurateurs by not buying truffles or elegant seven-course dinners at $145 per person.  Isn’t it funny when the line in the sand is drawn by not making a reservation a month in advance to enjoy the latest in Apician Spiced Ostrich or Beef Cheek Ravioli?  Add those main courses to the broccoli rabe and barley crisps and you can bring a dinner for two to somewhere around $500. Yes, the Wall Street bankers have decided to bite the hand that feeds them.

Very little, if any, of the 1 percent hang out in SLCCU branch offices.  We are here for the 99 percent.  You’ll never be charged a “fancy schmancy,” over-the-top fee; and you’ll never have to wait a month to be served.  We are all about our community.  We are local and we reinvest in you and our region.  We think that’s cooler than anything involving ostrich.

And, best of all, we’re never going to call you a derogatory name.  We love our members and never forget why we’re here.  We exist only to serve our members and make your lives better.  Chef Mario might be able to cook, but he could sure use a lesson in having respect for his clients.

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