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The ABCs of Leadership

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Here are the ABCs of Leadership put to verse.  Whatever your role inside or outside of the business world, you can be a great leader.  After considering the comments of a variety of leaders from within our region, the following list was compiled.  I guess you could say that this is the “best of the best” sharing their success.

Admire those who do what you can’t do,
Be Brave so people follow you.  

Confidence is a contagious trait,
Demand excellence to be top rate. 

Be Empathetic – people do fail,
Remember, Forthright discussion tips the scale. 

Give of your time, energy and love,
Humility will push you far above. 

Your Integrity must be strong,
For the Journey may be arduous and long.

So Keep the faith in all you do,
Love your people and Listen too.

Make a point to show people how,
Remember, “No” really means “Not Now.” 

Objectivity allows for a crystal clear lens,
And Past history teaches us that it just depends. 

Question everything to achieve the best,
Respect everyone and all the rest.

Stand together to form a team,
Teach and Be Taught to eliminate a seam.

Have an Urgency to get raging fans,
And a Vision to set forth into a new land,
And a Willingness to succeed with what’s at hand. 

Have X-Ray vision to see what matters,
And “Yes” is a term the team loves to chatter.

And lastly, Zany people and silly poems make it fun
At SLCCU we act as truly one.

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