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The Best Pillow: It’s a Clear Choice

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sleeping like a babyChoosing a pillow is a big deal. According to sleep experts, the pillow is probably as important as the mattress it calls home.  I should probably pay more attention to the details surrounding my nighttime head rest, but to date, my war is usually with the room temperature,  not the pillow.

That said, I do love my favorite pillow. When I travel, I miss this old thing. It’s exceeded the life of most pillows (who knew that pillows had a shelf life?). By pillow standards, it’s ancient and accordingly full of dust mites and sweat. Before you get all grossed out, your pillow is gross, too. It just comes with the territory — if you’re a pillow, you’re full of a lot of icky stuff.  Change pillow cases as much as you like — they’re loaded. YUCK!!!

One of my favorite sayings of all times (usually used in the context of an athlete that performs well under pressure) is “He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.” What an analogy. Metaphorically speaking, only one thing can be said about the comparison — NAILED IT!

The other side of the pillow is a happy place.  Flipping that pillow during the night keeps your body temperature down. They must make self-cooling pillows. Note to self: Find said pillow.

But if you want to have the best night’s sleep in the world, may I recommend the very best pillow in existence? It’s always been available to all of mankind since the beginning of time. It enhances one’s sleep and ensures that when one rises in the morning, it will be a great day. The best pillow in the whole wide world is a clear conscience.

Did you do the right thing today? Did you find a wallet and turn it in? Do you do what’s appropriate even when no one is looking? Do you cast away anger and vengeance for your fellow human being before bedtime? Do you humble yourself and give thanks for another great day? Are you at peace with who you are? Did you do all that you could on this day to make it the best possible day for everyone with whom you came into contact?

Whether it’s two pillows or one., whether your favorite pillow is down, feather, synthetic, cotton, thick, thin, folded or flat, it really doesn’t matter. If it’s cool, warm, full of dust mites, sweaty or not, it’s all relative to what’s in the head that you lay on the pillow. Stocking up on numerous pillows of all styles, shapes and sizes are only part of a good night’s sleep. If you really want to sleep your very best, fluff that pillow with a clear conscience.

Sleep tight — don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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