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The Credit Union Helps Make St. Louis An All-Star Town

On July 13th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

It’s “All-Star Week” in River City. Major League Baseball has brought their mid-season classic to our fair city, complete with the fanfare and regalia fit for baseball’s royalty.

Welcome one and all! But I have to tell you that St. Louis has been loaded with all-stars long before those guys in cleats showed up. We’re home to many unsung all-stars who are doing the little things every day to insure that our city is a great place to live, work, worship and go to school. Yeah, I’m beaming…St. Louis is awesome!

My friend Don said it best. “Doing the little things lead you to the big successes. You can’t build the big building until you fix the screen door on your neighbor’s house.” What a great metaphor for what makes a baseball all-star, a community all-star and an all-star city.

First, you have to be great at the fundamentals. Mowing the widow’s yard every week is what all-stars do. All-stars fill up the food pantries for those less fortunate; they tack up the shutters on the old man’s house at the end of the block; serve as the neighborhood crossing guard; provide financial education to help folks get ahead; and generally speaking, they respect and provide for each other.

Well, if Don’s idea of an all-star is right (which it is), then St. Louis is well deserved of this year’s MLB All-Star Game. Really, what’s being showcased this week is all of the fine people in St. Louie, Louie…and there are plenty.

Like the city, we’re loaded with all-stars at the Credit Union. Our employees are a part of what is aptly defined in the aforementioned paragraphs. They are the people who help to make this city the jewel of Mid-America. Our community relations, our give-back to our members, and the countless hours of volunteer work are what make the staff of SLCCU a team full of all-stars.

Think about this as just one example…our Freedom Loan (a payday loan alternative) has saved our members somewhere around $3 million over the past two years. No kidding! You heard right – I said three million. You know what $3 million represents…full food pantries; neighborhoods full of good-looking shutters, and lots and lots of beautiful screen doors. I’m glad St. Louis Community Credit Union is part of the reason we’re an all-star town.

To those who participate in America’s pastime at the highest level, welcome to St. Louis…and let’s play ball!

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