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The Credit Union Story Has A Happy Ending

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It’s Oscar time. In less than two weeks we’ll find out the winner of Hollywood’s most famous piece of hardware. I have to tell you…I don’t have a clue which movies or actors are even up for the awards. If you forced me to pick a favorite entertainment genre, first it would be TV (specifically sports); followed by classic cowboy movies that show up years later on AMC (The American Movie Channel). Going to the movies is probably one of my least favorite things to do – second only to going to a bank!

I’ve seen some Oscar-winning movies over the years. Yes, in the theater. One of my all-time favorite winners was “Rocky,” which won best picture in 1977. You remember the story…unknown club fighter gets a shot at the big time, and gives heavyweight champion Apollo Creed all he can handle. (Sort of like St. Louis Community Credit Union delivering some gut punches to the city’s big banking giants.) It was an awesome movie with that classic “underdog succeeds” storyline. I’m a sucker for such a storyline…both in the movies and in real life. Be honest…in that soft spot in your heart, didn’t you want the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl? Me, too.

The only problem with “Rocky” was “Rocky II, III, IV, V, and VI.” I vividly remember leaving the movie theater after “Rocky” being pumped out of my mind. I drank two raw eggs, did 50 push-ups, and ran around the parking lot five times. I told you…that movie pumped me up. After Rocky VI, I went to Krispy Kreme. Quite a difference, don’t you think? The pizzazz was lost. The storyline was stale. You knew the ending before the movie started – sort of like using a bank.

We know that you use other financial institutions – you’ve told us in surveys over the years. But why? You know that the pizzazz is gone. You know the storyline. You see the final scene unfolding. Banks are known for mediocre rates, higher fees, and poor service. That’s where the movie ends.

Get your pizzazz back…bring ALL of your business to St. Louis Community Credit Union!

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