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The Gift I Am Most Excited to Receive

On November 30th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

baby feetHey, did you know that you already have a nickname? Yeah, I call you “BAM.” It stands for Baby Adams-Moore. In all of my prayers, I mention you by name. Since God knew you before you were formed, He knows exactly who I’m talking about. I thought it was impossible to pray unceasingly. Not really. He hears about you all the time.

I will receive a lot of packages between now and your expected arrival, but you will be the gift I am most excited to receive. By the way, I’m “Poppy.” It was a name given to me by your cousin MJ. He’s awesome and will love you as much as all of us already do. He’ll be pretty close to exactly four-and-a-half when you are delivered. You’ll have another cousin, Evie; she’s great too. You’re loaded with Mimis, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, pets, etc. You get the idea…we’re all really excited. It’s a great family.

The world you’re coming into looks a heck of a lot different than when I first showed up on the scene. The difference is not always for the better, either. The good news for you is that you have a great mom and dad. I mean awesome. You couldn’t have done any better in the parent category. Sure, you’ll get on their nerves as they try to sleep, but they won’t tell you. Then, later in life, they’ll get on your nerves (Ask your mom someday about me trying to teach her to drive). It all sort of evens out over a lifetime. I used to tell your mom that she “got on my last nerve.” She would tell me, “That’s where I am supposed to be.” She always had a comeback. My guess is that you will too.

More about your mom and dad — they’re brilliant people. I love your dad. Not sure what he does, but love him nevertheless. And your mom, well, what can I say? She was my baby girl and will always be. Really, as you grow older, you’ll find out not much changes in the love category. You’ll be loved your whole life. Poppy and Mimi will be right there close to the top of the list, but your mom and dad will never give up their top spot, and that’s just the way you want it.

We’re all guessing what you’ll look like. Bets are in on you being red-headed, with a fair complexion, skinny, with flat feet. You’re thinking that doesn’t sound very flattering. Are you kidding me? You’re beautiful! You’ll be smart. I don’t know how you won’t be. Both your parents are so very intelligent — fun, too. If you picked up their dietary restrictions, your menu will be shortened, but that’s okay, we’ll make it work.

Hey, BAM, just wanted to get some dialogue going with you. When you show up, parents, grandparents and everyone else, for that matter, will be pawing at you while the dogs will be sniffing at you. It’ll be crazy early. Lots to get accustomed to. Hang in there. Poppy and you will have plenty of time to catch up after all of the initial hoopla.

You’re coming into a great family, but we’re the lucky ones…love you much!!!!

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  • Eric Reading says:


    I have been reading your Blog faithfully now for the past 3 months; not sure what kept me from tuning in early. I am sorry if the ink on this email is blurring and running; I have to keep wiping my eyes because this Blog brought me to tears – tears of joy! As you know, I too am a Grandpa and as such, I could relate to your love of your Grandbaby on the way; although I have never articulated it as well as you have here. We are now expecting our 19th and 20th Grandbabies and just found our we are also about to become Great Grandparents (our 20 years old Grandson and his significant other are expecting).

    I used to hear Grandparents gush about their Grandchildren and thought they must be over emotional people with little else to focus on. I never understood the love of a Grandparent until I became one; WOW – did I discover what I was missing when it happened to me! In some ways I believe the love of a Grandparent is deeper, richer, and more satisfying than the love of a Parent; we are not burdened by the daily grind Parents face, and we get them, love them, and give them back to Mom & Dad when our tour of duty is done. Nothing makes me happier these days than loving on my 18th Grandson Noah who currently lives with us (his Mom does to). She was talking about getting a place of her own the other night and I felt my heart breaking. I know we are supposed to want our children to fly from the nest and soar with the eagles but I will miss that little guy greeting me at the door each night I arrive home from work.

    May GOD bless Grandparents! If only we could fill the world with the love of Grandparents; what a happy world we would have.

    Thank You for sharing your thoughts with us. You are an eloquent writer and I very much enjoy your stories!

    Eric Reading

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