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The Good Old Days

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old man with newspaperMy wife said she would have been home sooner, but she was “stuck behind a bunch of old guys— probably in their 60s — at the check-out counter.” They were rambling on about something “from the old days.” 

I reminded her that she is married to “an old guy in his 60s.” We laughed out loud together. I guess (maybe) I’m flattered by her not thinking of me as “an old guy in his 60s.” Nevertheless, it was one more reminder that indeed, time marches on, and that the “old days” are worth talking about every once in a while.

From the inside looking out, I fashion myself as a young guy. I try to keep up with (reasonable) fashion trends without looking like an old guy trying to be hip. My haircut is okay for an old guy. Eyebrows, ears and other facial areas where hair can get away from you pretty quickly are usually well-manicured. On the surface, I like to think that my outward appearance doesn’t look north of 60, but that’s where my being young ends, or at least the thought of it.

I know very little (read: virtually nothing) about pop culture. I never watch awards shows or listen to the “cool” radio stations. If pop culture is a trivia night category, I can excuse myself without being missed.  I’m stuck in the ‘70s when it comes to music. All genres, as long as it is the ’70s. Rock, country rock, pop, disco — you get the idea.  If it was something good that happened during the ’70s, I loved it and remember it clearly. Music is a definite topic “from the old days.”

Heck, I even remember TV show theme songs and advertising jingles. Remember “Oh, I wish was an Oscar Mayer wiener, that is what I truly want to be…”  Or how about “Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs, what kind of kids eat Armour hot dogs…” I guess I liked hot dogs back then — still do.  Obviously, I’m 60-plus.

Back in the day, I had crazy, thick hair that disqualified me from ever looking like Gregg Allman. My hair sort of grew upward, not downward. I had both freckles and pimples in the ’70s. Nobody has freckles and pimples anymore. Good for modern medicine and SPF 50. I was “bean pole” skinny. Most of current pop culture doesn’t know what a “bean pole” is. Oh, well. One more example of being 60-plus.

Sure enough, when family gathers, our children and grandchildren run to some corner of the room with a good Internet connection and proceed to not say a word to one another — at least, not verbalized. On the other hand, we “old guys and gals” start telling stories, usually embellished and repeated for the 100th time. Who cares?  It’s good old-fashioned communication. We speak of ailments, current world problems, church socials, and our fears for our grandchildren’s well-being in a world gone mad.

We pretty much agreed (us 60-plus guys) that we were looking forward to watching the upcoming Carol Burnett 50th anniversary celebration. Without remembering a single episode, we agreed that Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were hilarious, and that they just don’t make TV like they once did. The show ran from the late ‘60s until 1978. Ask me a trivia question about the show. I’ll know the answer. It’s the stuff that “a bunch of old guys talk about.”

By the way, the clips from the 50th anniversary show did not disappoint.

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