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The Grandest Sight of All

On May 18th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

moon telescopeThere is a recently released book on the Wright Brothers. It is aptly named “The Wright Brothers.” I read the Wall Street Journal review versus reading the entire book. My attention deficit disorder allows me a much greater aptitude when I read short articles versus 320-page novels. Big books ensure that I’m daydreaming by page 37.

John T. Daniels, according to the author, witnessed the first flight in 1903. He wrote: “It was one of the grandest sights, if not the grandest sight, of my life.” He had once reckoned that the “boys” (i.e., the Wright brothers) were a pair of “poor nuts” staring at seagulls as they had countless mishaps, crashes and failures on the stretch of barrier islands that included Kitty Hawk. Mr. Daniels later concluded that they were, in fact, the “workingest boys” he had ever seen.

It got me thinking. What is the “grandest sight of my life?” How about you? Have you ever thought about it? Because I’m a dad, I have to go with the birth of my kids, but of course. But stepping outside of the obvious, what was the “grandest sight of my life?”

I put this article away for a while in order to noodle on such a big question. WOW! I don’t want to shortchange any of the many great moments in my life. Nor do I want to give big ups to a moment that I ultimately wish I had a “do-over” to use. This has put me in a conundrum.

I’m back. Here it goes. The sight that stands out for me as the “grandest” was the television broadcast of Neil Armstrong taking that first step on the moon. OMG. I’ll never forget it. I was riveted, staring at that 24-inch black and white TV. The pictures sent back from the moon, grainy and distorted, were nonetheless breathtaking.

It was mind-numbing to think that the distant vanilla-shaped ball I had stared at for the first eleven years of my life, wondering if there was anything on that glorious sphere, now had a man walking around on it. I think the descriptor most used, given the times (July 1969), was “groovy.” Although, now that I see the word “groovy” in print, I hope that the emotions that came with a man landing on the moon were documented with more than the same word used to describe Cher’s outfit on her and Sonny’s weekly variety show.

This blog was fun for me. Recalling all the “grand” moments in my life was a pleasant trip down memory lane. But the grandest of them all, 46 years later, still makes me daydream like a wide-eyed boy. Yep, that was the “grandest sight of all.”

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