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The Honor System Is Dying A Slow, Sad Death

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While I’m not going to debate the moral standards in our society through this blog, I will acknowledge that those who think we are leaning heavily toward being morally bankrupt received a little gas on the fire this past week. Draw a triangle in your mind. At each corner, write one of the following words: deplorable, unfathomable and despicable. Somewhere nestled between these three descriptors are the recent actions of a group of parents.

Disney World and Disneyland announced that they will no longer be able to provide disabled children a “cut in line” to the front of the rides in the world’s greatest theme parks. The reasoning for such an onerous display of kindness and consideration lies in an explanation provided by a Disney spokesperson in the Orange County Register: you may want to sit down for this. The reasoning is to curtail “abuse of this system” by healthy families pretending that some of its members are ill or disabled. Oh Lord, be with us.

Yep, in May, the New York Post reported that wealthy parents were hiring disabled “tour guides” to blend in with their families and enable them to go to the front of lines. Had enough of this despicable, disgusting, unfathomable behavior? Pretending to be ill and/or hiring the disabled to pretend to be a family member all in the name of “cutting in line” is worse than stealing food off an “all you can eat buffet.” To take advantage of sick children would be a hard accusation from which to overcome. It raises my ire to a boiling point.

Well, there’s more. It would appear that families with healthy children are renting wheelchairs with enough frequency to gain the attention of parents with sick and handicapped children. Such a disgusting act has gained great notoriety in the world of social media. Can you imagine placing your child in a wheelchair for the purpose of cutting a line? Gross.

Look, nobody hates lines more than I do – just ask anybody who knows me. But, never would such a thought enter my mind as to pretend my children were sick or disabled. The thought of my kids being sick or disabled for real makes me physically ill. To pretend they are in order to gain an advantage is as morally bankrupt as one can be – to think nothing of what is being taught to the children of parents who coerce them into such a dishonest act.

Somebody whose morals are a little south of scrupulous will blame Disney for taking their action. Don’t blame Mickey and Goofy’s bosses for taking such action. Even positioning a physician at the entrance to every ride to ascertain the legitimacy of a person’s ailment would not be allowed. Government regulation prohibits inquiry or discussion about one’s physical being. Disney, nor anyone else for that matter, should know what’s wrong with me, you or the 139 people in front of you at “Its A Small World.”

I have witnessed and thought for years that the “honor system” was dying a slow and sad death. I pray for people who feel the need to beat the system through despicable acts of dishonesty. It’s gut-wrenching to think that people can stoop so low. Their self-esteem is shot, their character is corrupt, and their love for their fellow man (including their own kids) is, well, bankrupt.

So, parents with sick kids whose fragile medical condition warrants a day at Mickey’s hangout, can now tell their kids that the lines and the days are a little more tiring because other moms and dads told their children to pretend that their lives were like yours. That’s just heartbreaking.

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