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The Members’ Experience Must Be Consistent

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Uniformity and consistency are what every member wants. Nothing is more frustrating for our members than having something done a particular way at one of our offices and then done in a completely different manner in another of our facilities. It makes the blood boil. Why? The inconsistency is confusing and inconsiderate. We need to fix these situations when they arise.

How? Professional development of credit union staff is key. That’s why we are focusing on our knowledge of products, processes and policies, as well as our application of each. With every effort we make in staff training, we take a big step in improving our consistency in serving the members. We are committed to ending the year smarter, more efficient and more uniform in our response to member questions and inquiries.

The ultimate goal is that the member experience is of the highest quality across each office and across the prism of time. Whether members are north, south or midtown…whether it’s March or December…whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday, whether it’s 3:30 p.m. or 9:15 a.m., our service will look and sound the same…GREAT!

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