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The Power of Perspective is the Great Equalizer

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Have you ever had a bad day that took a wrong turn and ended up being a bad week?  I just had one.  How many stop lights are in the area?  Lots – I stopped at them all.  Texting drivers are too many to count.  Everything I said was far from silver-tongued; more like clay.  And speaking of my tongue, I bit a hole right in it.  I’ve been eating for almost 53 years (teeth working around the tongue with little upset), but during this less than endearing week just past, I chose to chomp into it like it was a new arrival to the ingestion process.  What the heck is happening?

When you get kicked in the stomach during a week like I just had, well, you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and remember all the blessings and joy in your heart and in your life.  I began my bounce back to a joyful place by gaining perspective.  Perspective is the great equalizer.  When the rolling stone gathers moss and dirt and mud, forcing oneself to remember all that is great will quickly serve to getting back to the right side of the ledger.  Somebody always has it worse.

In the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, there is reference to a famine on top of a famine.  Sort of laughs in the face of my bad week.  See, the power of perspective.  I told you it was the great equalizer.  Famine upon famine – now that would be tough.  Reminds me of our current recession and the ongoing jobless recovery.  For too many people in our community, their bad week has turned into a bad month, into a bad quarter, into a bad year, into a bad couple of years.  “Devastating” is the word that comes to mind.  See, my week wasn’t so bad.  Somebody always has it worse.

St. Louis Community Credit Union continues to work with our members.  Borrowing from biblical principle, those in our community who are scraping to make ends meet don’t need to be abandoned in their time of need.  They need to have people sow into their lives.  Even though the landscape may be barren and it would appear that any seed sown would be too little too late to make a difference, we continue to sow.  It’s what we do.

We’re helping people who can’t get checking accounts elsewhere to open accounts.  We’re fixing folks’ credit score.  We’re holding fees at super low levels.  We’re expanding services and products, including our own economic stimulus package of sorts with a Skip-a-Pay offer coming in May.  We’re keeping dividends on savings and investment products at some of the highest in the region.  And we’re expanding our financial education outreach to even more people than ever before.

Look back to the biblical principle for a second: When you sow, you reap.  That’s what St. Louis Community Credit Union does in our great region.  The result is that we help to create economic empowerment in the neighborhoods we serve.  The cooperative, not-for-profit spirit of our Credit Union is designed to help.  Somebody always has it worse.  We’re here to help.

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