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The True Heroes Are Those Who Serve

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My heroes don’t wear sports uniforms. They can’t make a living throwing or hitting a baseball. They’re not much good at dribbling a basketball or making a putt. I guarantee, you haven’t seen them on American Idol. They don’t usually make headlines. Most of my heroes have received little or no notoriety in the course of their life outside of their immediate family. They just serve.

My heroes (including the St. Louis Community Credit Union staff) fall in the category of those who serve. After all, service is at the very top of the list that makes this a great world in which to live. “People helping people” insures our communities, neighborhoods, schools, churches and families all get a little better.

Good teachers are way up on my list of those who serve. Police officers, firefighters and military personnel are right up there, too. When someone is rushing in when everyone else is rushing out – that’s service. How ‘bout some “Big Ups” to the folks filling yellow trash bags on the side of the road on Saturday mornings? And the SLCCU staff – they’re just awesome!

If you’re thinking “he’s talked about this before,” you’re right. I can’t help but revisit such an important topic. It’s worth a repeat. You’ve got to be honest…people who serve are giving, caring, genuinely loving individuals; they deserve some recognition. They’re not usually the best paid. Many don’t get paid at all – they volunteer. Now that’s real service!

SLCCU is fortunate to be loaded with giving, caring and genuinely loving people, both those who are paid and those who volunteer. Speaking of service…Friday morning this week past, there they were – the ladies and gentlemen who make our Florissant branch office so successful. When the doors opened, they were at their work stations giving, caring and loving our members – not an easy thing to do after being robbed on Thursday afternoon. Heroes? I think so. And yes, they are some of my favorite people.

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