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The Truly Priceless Moments Are Those Spent With Family and Friends

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Do you have a lifelong friend?  I do.  We’ve been hanging around each other for about four decades; six grown kids combined; three World Series Champions; more ups than downs; and enough vaulted secrets that would make the folks at TMZ blush.  Few people make me laugh until my eyes water and my sides hurt, but he’s one of them.  What’s going to come out of his mouth next is anybody’s guess – I’m not sure he even knows sometimes.  I’m lucky to have a friend like him for any number of reasons.

I’m fortunate to understand and truly experience that “a single diamond out values tons of stone.”  I’d rather have one of him than one hundred acquaintances.  No false pretense; no political correctness; no façade of feelings.  Lots of humble pie; lots of memories; lots of laughs.  Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you just love the fact that with a best friend, you don’t have to measure your words, use proper syntax, or find a middle ground in your answer to what is otherwise considered a controversial subject?  You just blurt out what you’re thinking – unfiltered, unfettered and unabridged.

He’s that one special guy.  He’s my only “link to the past” kind of buddy.   I have other friends, but this guy remembers me from a different time when ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” was King, blue jeans were “belled,” and gas for the car was somewhere south of a dollar.

Well, me and my best bud just lived out a MasterCard commercial.  You know the one… 

  • Mizzou bowl game tickets: $64.00
  • Hotel stay: $79.00 per night
  • Cab ride to the game: $19.00
  • Spending a couple of days with your best buddy for life: PRICELESS!

Double cheeseburgers and trash talk was the daily fare.  Most dinner table conversation ended with a stain on a favorite shirt when the condiments went the opposite way of the hearty bite.  A full mouth was the only time we weren’t talking.  Not really – we talked then, too!  That’s what best friends do.

Last week, I gave you a list of things I am going to do in 2011.  Add to the list going on another trip with my best bud.  Yes, coming to grips with one’s mortality is an exercise reserved for those of us over 50.  When you got enough stuff to last you for two lifetimes, it seems that truly the priceless moments are those spent with family and friends. Call it a bucket list of sorts, but it seems like the right thing to do to start planning next year’s trip.

I’ll fall back into the routine soon enough.  You know, using big words that are measured so as not to offend anyone; eating with a fork and knife; wearing shirts that are starched and free of mustard stains; and flossing after every meal.  But for right now, I’m going to bask in my time spent with my buddy for life.

I got to get a few more of them!  Not buddies – memories.

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