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There You Are!

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I heard a great one today. You never know when life’s next lesson is going to knock on your door – or kick it in!

I spend a great deal of time reading some of the most noted publications of our time. Each of them is dedicated to intellectual stimuli that will help in the responsibility of leading a dynamic financial institution such as St. Louis Community Credit Union. These noted authors put forth mounds of analysis in hopes of shedding new light on the ever-shifting paradigms of our tumultuous time. I always study the text with great anticipation.

Then (as if on a breath of fresh air) comes along my Pastor Jeff. He circumvents all of the aforementioned sage advice with his own words of wisdom for success – applicable in both a personal and professional environment. He said that he has come to believe that there are two kinds of people…those who enter the room and say “here I am,” and those who enter the room and say “there you are.”

So I’m sitting there thinking “WOW.” The grey matter kicked into high gear and my thoughts played ping-pong for the next few hours. I volleyed with the assessment of (1) which person was I; and (2) which attitude is conveyed by St. Louis Community Credit Union?

The Credit Union is all about you and your fellow members. Whether you visit one of our eight offices or call on the phone, it is our intent to convey the warmth, love and care that comes with the “there you are” attitude. Our position is secondary to yours. You are the only reason we exist. To serve you is why we get up and come to work each day.

Well, “there you are” exemplifies great service. “Here I am” exemplifies the self-serving, for-profit attitude of so many financial institutions. I feel confident that St. Louis Community is the former and not the latter.

As for me, I know that humility is a key trait to success in leadership. I work hard every day to have a “there you are” attitude. With the thought in the front of my mind, I’m going to work even harder in the future.

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