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Think About What’s REALLY Important

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St. Louis Community Credit Union has been actively involved in the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) for a number of years. What a great charity! Our staff and our members give their time, love and money on a regular basis. Our donations go to two of the finest hospitals in the country: St. Louis Children’s and Cardinal Glennon. Both institutions do ALL they can ALL the time to serve the youngsters in our region.

My mind wandered this past week to some of the “Miracle Kids” we’ve met over the years. These boys and girls, and their parents and families, are inspirational in so many ways. It is rewarding to meet them, to understand their plight, to witness their pain, yet they maintain such strength and such character. To meet young children stricken by diseases that most of us can’t pronounce – yet put forth a smile with such dignity, love and passion for living – is life-changing. Trust me when I say this…most of our problems pale in comparison.

I met such a young lady in late 2005. In 2006, three years ago this past week, she died. She was eight years old. Of all the people I’ve met in my life, she had an enormous impact on me. Here’s in part what I wrote in a letter to my kids shortly after meeting this magnificent gift of God…

As of this past Saturday, I met someone very special. She is the slightest of frame yet the strongest person I’ve met in years. She instantly became a hero. Those people I admire most are never public figures. They’re regular kind of Joes making the best of their life. This hero is no different. This young lady has no attributes of a professional athlete. She hasn’t been on the “E” network or “Access Hollywood.” She’s not a business mogul or a real estate tycoon. She’s a beautiful little girl who weighs no more than 50 lbs. even if you put rocks in her pockets.

Here’s why she’s my hero. I went to work on Monday. She went to chemotherapy. I fought the zipper on my lunch box. She’s fighting cancer. After work, I lifted weights. She was busy lifting spirits. I quit after a couple of minutes of trying to fix my stapler. My new hero doesn’t know quit. I fiddled with my hair for a few minutes disturbed by its receding pattern. This beautiful little girl has no hair.

Hours before I met my new hero, she had just lost her soccer game. She smiled from ear to ear as she told me. “What was the score?” I asked. She didn’t know…nor cared. Stupid adult – I missed the point completely!

Wake-up calls aren’t always initiated by an alarm. I got mine on that Saturday night when I met this beautiful gift of God. She had a rare form of cancer known as neuroblastoma. Her eyes were full of life. Her smile was toothless and beautiful. She radiated life and was busy making the most of it. I, unfortunately, was busy trying not to get buried by it.

What’s your problem today? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Homework stacking up? People acting rude to you? Got a headache? Too much to do in too little time? You might want to think about my hero. Wake up! It’s time to get busy thinking about what’s really important…living.

Three years after her passing, I remember her well.

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