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‘Tis the Season for Gifts of Time, Love and Compassion

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‘Tis the season.  The cynical might interpret this phrase as French for “it’s a crazy time of year.”  Holy cow, there is some craziness out there!  We’ve got folks stealing the Salvation Army buckets right out from under the bell ringers’ nose.  Times are tough, and folks are hurting.

Now more than ever it truly is the season – the season to walk in love and help our fellow man.  There are many who practice the “love walk” every day.  Here are a few of my favorites…

You already know how much the credit union does.  Our staff comes to work every day with a purpose-driven desire to help people.  We increase people’s standard of living and better their lifestyle.  That’s a big charge and we take it seriously.  Our goal is to tangibly impact the community, but we’re not alone.  There are many, many others.

If you don’t have money to buy presents, then give time, love and compassion.  They might be the most valuable and most desired of all of the season’s potential gifts.  I’m reminded that for the dying man to give a minute, for the beggar to give a penny, for the friendless man to be your friend – truly are the golden moments.  That is what the season is all about.

Time, love and compassion are what are given by the great housekeeping staff at Barnes Hospital.  To the magnificent treatment and care given by the medical professionals, you can add the “prayer warriors” who keep the building glistening. On a number of different occasions, I’ve heard of this group and their willingness to provide love, time and compassion to those who need more than great medical care.  Talk about “value-add.”  Add a dose of God to the latest pill or procedure and you got something exceedingly, abundantly special.

Imagine the emptiness one might be experiencing as they visit loved ones in the hospital – especially this time of year.  Anxiety, fear and a sense of despair could very well overcome the holiday spirit.  NOT AT BARNES.  Wherever you find something that needs refreshing, whether it be in the elevator, hallways, patient rooms, nurses’ stations, cafeterias, lobbies, and even in hardened hearts and clouded states of mind, you will find the housekeeping crew ready to do what they do best – provide time, love and compassion.

I am energized by these great folks.  So if you end up in Barnes this holiday season (or any time for that matter), just say this to yourself when you see a housekeeper.

“There goes my friend.  They may not have doctor-type smarts and they probably don’t make a ton of money, but if they ever see me cry or see me hurting, they will never turn their back.  They will give me time, love and compassion in my greatest time of need.”

Maybe (just maybe), the Barnes housekeeping team has the best prescription this holiday season.  ‘Tis the season…for the gifts of time, love and compassion.

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