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Tradition Becoming A Thing Of The Past

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I thought I’d go with some light and airy subject matter in this week’s blog. After a week filled with terror, sadness and the tragedy of the Boston Marathon, I can’t help but think that we might be ready for something considerably less emotionally taxing. Here goes.

While Barbie hasn’t lost her figure, sales figures are down. Yes, Barbie (of Mattel toy fame) isn’t moving off the shelves with near the vigor as she once did. Apparently, Barbie has lost her swag, her cache, dare we say her charm. Is it temporary, or has the paradigm shifted for good? That’s the hot topic of conversation for the higher-ups at the world’s largest toy maker.

The new girls on the block appear to be those that find themselves within the popular American Girl line, or the recent years’ big hit, Monster High dolls. As a show of appreciation for the diva that Barbie has become inside Mattel, American Girl, Monster High and Disney Princesses are relegated to the category of “Other Girls Brands.”

Wait just a minute! Based on sales data, the numbers indicate that Barbie should find her place in line as number four on Mattel’s “hit parade of baby dolls.” You don’t call a group of highly successful ladies the “others,” as if they are some sort of afterthought when they are becoming the face of your company’s success. That’s sort of like calling Jennifer Aniston the “other girl” in Friends. Really?

Hey, change happens. People hang on to the traditional as long as they can – I get that. I’m old school. Cadillacs over Kias; Burberry over Abercrombie & Fitch; Big Macs over some new “wrap thing;” and Michael Jackson over anybody that has emerged from American Idol. That’s how I roll.

I liked it when our movie stars were found in coffee shops on Sunset & Vine, not when their entire career gets jump-started on some cable reality show. When comic wannabes would stick their face and their talents through a smoke-filled amateur night at the local comedy club seemed to be the way for one to become famous. An overnight success who paid their dues for half their life seems more to my liking. So, don’t talk to me about tradition – I get it. But sadly, Barbie’s time may have come.

Tradition eventually gives way in most instances. Have you seen a phone booth lately? Remember when our cancelled checks were mailed to us? Seems hilarious now, but back then, it was the way things were done.

Along those same lines, maybe it’s time to give up on getting paper statements from the credit union. Why aren’t people flocking to use electronic statements? There are a host of reasons to go paperless, not the least of which is protecting your identity. Convenience, cost savings, access and consideration for the environment are all reasons to move.

Look, paper statements are old school and tradition, but their time has passed. Like Barbie, phone booths and checks in the mail, times change. Even I know that.

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