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Use Our Tools To Build A Strong Financial Plan

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The only four-letter word I taught my kids was PLAN.  To have a plan is an essential piece to one’s success.  Whether it be education, a professional career, a financial plan, or even a trip across town, it is imperative that you know what you want to accomplish.  I don’t think anyone can argue with the importance of having an idea as to what you want the end result to look like.

At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we recommend that our members have a financial plan – both short term and long term.  A little less time spent on this weekend’s “party stops” and a little more interest in how to afford a nice home was a good conversation for my kids and might be for those young people in your life, as well.  Maybe you, too?

For the purpose of metaphor, let’s call your financial plan a toolbox, the encasement of ideas that you carry with you into the future.  And let’s call what St. Louis Community Credit Union offers in the way of financial products and services the tools that fill up your toolbox.  Some of the very best tools in the market today, I might add.

We have countless tools: savings, checking, loans and investment products that are all priced to benefit you and your family.  We’ll call these tools the “basics.”  They are the foundation from which to build: the hammer, the screwdriver, the wrench, the pliers and the level.  You can’t be a bubble off or the plan won’t work.  I continue to be amazed by the number of people whose toolbox is lacking the “basics.”  As an example, if you’re paying ATM fees, debit card fees, and your overdraft fee is north of $30 per item, you’re not building much more than a cage from which you may never escape.

If your financial foundation is already cracked because of a poor budget from a few years back, then we’ve got the tool(s) for you.  BALANCE helps develop budgets for short-term financial goals.  It’s free!  That may be all you need to know to get motivated.  So is “Debt In Focus.”  Both these tools, along with mortgage loan calculators, auto loan calculators and the like, are all found on our web site.  Use them to build your future.

And it’s never too early to plug into St. Louis Community Financial Services.  We have helped hundreds of our members with retirement planning and the next level of investing.  The knowledge is great and, again, here we go with the operative word “free.”

We have unprecedented convenience: eight branch offices, hundreds of free ATMs, home banking and 24-hour phone access.  Get your car loans at Enterprise car sale lots all over town.  Also, car loans are available at countless auto dealerships throughout the city.  What else?  Have I mentioned VERY LOW FEES!  Why are you paying outrageous fees?  Please stop. Sign up for direct deposit, bill pay services, electronic statements, get a mortgage loan at record low rates, use the drive-thru services, take advantage of convenient hours, and even extended Saturday hours in select locations.  We’ll fill up your financial toolbox for sure.

Have a PLAN…use the credit union’s tools…and build a strong financial PLAN.  Now that’s a four-letter word worth repeating.

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