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Visit The Credit Union And Feel The Energy

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Everyone can use a little energy boost from time to time.  That’s why a variety of “energy” drinks are popular these days.  With some folks it’s a cup of coffee.  Others like their energy fix from a soda.  Still others seek the latest and greatest in formulated drinks that serve to give you a swift kick in the back pockets.

No artificial stimuli for me… I get energized in another way. To me, nothing is better than making a visit to our branch offices.  Talk about energy!

Our offices are teeming with activity.  The Credit Union’s many employees are busy helping our members in a variety of ways.  I love the fact that our offices are heavily used by our members.  Sure, we encourage members to use our remote delivery services.  Whether it’s ATMs, 24-hour phone service, or electronic banking from the convenience of one’s kitchen table, we provide the ultimate in convenience.  But if a member wants to come to one of our many offices, the welcome mat is out.

St. Louis Community branches are where the energy is generated.  Members have made a conscious choice to be a part of our cooperative credit union structure as a member-owner.  They share their need(s) for a better standard of living and a better lifestyle.  Our staff responds with action plans that serve to meet those needs.  Loans, checking accounts, direct deposit, debit cards, etc., are (in part) the energy that fuels the members’ better lifestyle.  This energized, symbiotic dance goes on all day, every day.

I’m “jazzed” by watching consumers join the Credit Union in record numbers.  As a result, our offices are getting busier all the time – and we love it.  There’s always electricity in the air.  There’s a spirit of service that is palpable.  Add to our loving and caring staff, smart financial solutions, and the cooperative idea of being a member instead of being a customer, and you have the formula for a lot of energy – enough to light up members’ faces with that obvious look of success.  Go visit…see for yourself…and feel the energy!

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