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We Are Family

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2008 is just about ready to be tucked into our book of memories, and I’m pleased to say that St. Louis Community Credit Union had a very good year. We punched through the difficult economy with an unwavering dedication to serving our community. Our marketing and business development reached deeper into the communities we serve. Our pricing on loans, deposits and fees remained beneficial and focused on what our members and the community needed to ease through these tough economic times. We expanded our product development and convenience to insure access to Credit Union services was made readily available to all in our community.

Take note as to how many references to helping the community is made in the first paragraph. That may be our greatest accomplishment in 2008. We intensified our efforts to become interwoven in our community. The word “community” is in our name and we take that commitment seriously. Hearkening back to some of my early English Composition classes, I note that one of the root words found in community is “unity.” That’s what we’ve become in 2008.

I remember a Top 10 song years ago by the pop group “Sister Sledge.” The chorus emphasized that “we are family – I got all my sisters with me.” Whether it’s sisters, brothers, cousins, neighbors, co-workers, church members, friends, distant relatives – yes we are family. And we are unified in our desire to make a better life for each other, and as a result, the community in which we live, work and worship. The cooperative spirit of St. Louis Community Credit Union is the glue that holds our members together in a unified commitment to each other’s success. If you’re in the mini melting pot called SLCCU, you can be certain of our unification.

In 2009, we will remain all about the cooperative spirit that binds us together in a unified approach to our collective well-being. People coming together from all walks of life to pool their deposits to make each other loans – that’s a sign of unity. Eight branch offices now unite the entire city and near county with tremendous convenience. Add a vast ATM network into the unity formula, and you can see that you’re part of something special. And that’s just a part of what we do.

Yes…we are family, and the Credit Union serves as the unifying force.

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